Style Points: A Reminder That Anthony Davis Is a Beast; Macklemore Scores More Exclusive Jordans

  • Terrence Ross

    Ross has been slumping all season, failing to meet the expectations everyone had for him as a rising young athlete. Even when DeMar DeRozan missed 21 straight games for Toronto, the Raptors’ small forward didn’t step it up. Now he’s been benched and the trade rumors are swirling. Still, that won’t stop him from doing what he does best: dunk. This is just nasty.

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  • Mike Conley

    Conley has never been known as a ball-handling wiz, but he caught Eric Bledsoe something serious right here. Bledsoe balled out in this game too, going for 21 points, seven rebounds, eight assists, two blocks, and four steals, but the Grizz got the win and Conley gets the style points.

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  • Keanau Post

    We’re sorry, Devin Booker. You might be killing it for Kentucky right now, the only undefeated team still left in college basketball. But, as Complex called it here, this is one of those highlights that makes you play another sport. Just a ruthless block from Keanau Post.

    Neither player did much of anything in this game, combining for 11 points in a double-digit Kentucky win. But this play will live on in social media for weeks.

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  • Macklemore



    Life is good when you get exclusive lifestyle sneakers from Jordan Brand that probably won’t ever release to the public. Here’s Macklemore once again flaunting why he’s one of the rappers that you REALLY need to watch out for if you’re a sneakerhead. With a retooled upper and a flat sole, this pair is completely different than anything else we’ve seen, and most likely came from Nike designer Mark Smith, who got a shoutout from Macklemore.

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  • Air Jordan 7 cleat Earl Thomas Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl

    Jordan Brand

    Earl Thomas

    The Seahawks lost the Super Bowl in the most devastating fashion possible, as New England’s goal line stand will be on highlight videos for as long as there are highlight videos. But at least Seattle’s Earl Thomas stayed true to his roots as one of the NFL’s style MVPs.

    Thomas was swagging in this postseason’s biggest game with a sick team-inspired PE cleat of the Air Jordan VII. The cleats also featured an updated logo on the tongue and heel. But the best design aspect is, by far, that chrome bottom. Sick.

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  • Anthony Davis

    The Hawks’ ridiculous 19-game winning streak met Anthony Davis recently. The results weren’t pretty. At this point, with Kevin Durant missing games left and right, we have to seriously consider whether or not Davis is the world’s second-best player. It’s time.

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  • Terrence Ross 360 dunk
  • Mike Conley crossover
  • Devin Booker
  • Macklemore
  • Air Jordan 7 cleat Earl Thomas Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl
  • Anthony Davis dunk

Here’s another reminder that Anthony Davis is the NBA’s biggest beast: After scorching the Atlanta Hawks for 29 points and 13 boards, single-handedly handing the East’s top team their first loss in over a month, Davis had upped his 20-and-10 streak to a career-high five games. We’re now halfway through the season and Davis’ record-setting pace hasn’t slowed at all. Still only 21 years old, AD is about to crack into rarified air. If he keeps this up, this’ll go down as one of the best seasons in NBA history.

So while Davis is this week’s headliner in Style Points, he’s not the only one out here who has the game on fleek. Macklemore came through with yet another exclusive pair of Air Jordans. This guy…his constant flossing on the ‘gram is starting to get us angry, especially considering this pair is something we’ve never seen before.

In Style Points, it’s never about what you do but how you do it. Tell that to someone like Terrence Ross, who lost his starting job and yet still finds himself here. Or Devin Booker, who is playing like a man possessed in the SEC and yet still ended up on the wrong end of a highlight here. Then how about Eric Bledsoe, who’s been beastly for the surging Suns…but couldn’t stop himself from getting yanked by Mike Conley in a recent loss against Memphis.

To make it here, you have to go above and beyond.

In this edition of Style Points: A Reminder That Anthony Davis Is a Beast; Macklemore Scores More Exclusive Jordans.

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