Stephen Curry’s Best Sneaker Colorways

  • Under Armour Curry Two Floor General

    10. Under Armour Curry Two “Floor General”

    There is no doubt the Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA at the moment and Stephen Curry is their leader. Dubbed the “Floor General,” these Curry Twos offer a clean red palette, along with navy blue on the tongue and yellow branding on the UA logo and laces. As the NBA celebrated Veteran’s Day, it was only right for them to include the five-star general patch on the backside of the tongue.

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  • Under Armour Curry Two Northern Lights

    9. Under Armour Curry Two “Northern Lights”

    Stephen Curry wore these on Christmas Day during the title rematch against LeBron and the Cavaliers. These editions are inspired by the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. The bright and colorful neon accents throughout the shoe makes this one of the most creative Curry kicks.

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  • Under Armour Curry Two Haight Street

    8. Under Armour Curry Two “Haight Street”

    Throughout the past year we have made stops in the Bay Area and spoke to influencers about Stephen Curry’s impact on the city. Everyone agrees that Steph has had a major influence on the area. The Curry Two “Haight Street” model pays homage to the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco, which is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in San Francisco and matches Steph’s personality and game. The silhouette is decked out in Electric Blue and Midnight Navy with a White upper, with some hints of Yellow, and a midsole with paint splashes.

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  • Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Purple Voodoo

    7. Under Armour Anatomix Spawn “Purple Voodoo”

    2014 marked the first time Stephen Curry made the All-Star team. With the game located in New Orleans, Steph wore the “Purple Voodoo” Anatomix Spawn. The sneakers were creative and bold for a first-timer. The Purple and Indigo upper was accented by Afterglow Orange accents in the lacing and branding, which also would have made them a dope PE for a Phoenix Suns player.

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  • 6. Under Armour Curry One “Father to Son”

    You can easily make the case that Dell and Stephen Curry are the greatest father/son duo to ever play in the NBA. They are, without a doubt, the best father/son shooting combination to ever do it.

    It is not a secret that Stephen is a family man. His parents still attend his games whenever they can and Steph showed how much his father meant to him during his MVP speech when he got emotional. The “Father to Son” colorway, which is a constant theme that will continue in the next few Curry sneakers, signifies Dell Curry’s time with the Charlotte Hornets.

    For our money, we liked the original “Father to Son” colorway just slightly better than the sequel.

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  • Under Armour Curry Two Iron Sharpens Iron

    5. Under Armour Curry Two “Iron Sharpens Iron”

    There was a lot of anticipation on how Under Armour would follow up on Steph’s first shoe. It was a huge success around the country and especially in the Bay Area. During the span of his first signature sneaker, Curry elevated his game to a new level and so the brand decided to shell out the “Iron Sharpens Iron” colorway first to represent how Steph has not only played against the best to become the best player in the NBA but also how he has helped his teammates improve to new levels.

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  • Under Armour Curry Two Suit and Tie

    4. Under Armour Curry Two “Suit and Tie”

    Very similar to Kevin Durant’s suit-themed sneakers, the Curry Two “Suit and Tie” plays on making every impression count. When watching Stephen Curry play he is always on point and off the court he is also one of the most liked media personalities. The “Suit and Tie” edition sports a white and black “suit” style, along with slight red accents. Details related to the name of the shoe also find their way onto the inside of the tongue.

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  • 3. Under Armour Curry One “Black/Yellow” Championship Pack

    These were released as part of the “Championship Pack” that came along with the “Splash Party” editions. Fans gave them the playful nickname “The Batmans” for the black and yellow colorway. These were as close to impossible to get your hands on. Down the line, the “Championship Pack” is going to go down in history due to Steph’s accomplishments throughout 2015–the title, the MVP, the first signature sneaker.

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  • Under Armour Curry One Friends and Family MVP

    2. Under Armour Curry One Low “Friends and Family/MVP”

    First arriving as a “Friends and Family” release where we weren’t sure whether the public would ever get a shot, these finally dropped on New Year’s Day at the beginning of 2015 as one of the cleanest Curry sneakers to date. The all-white upper and gold accents on the branding make it a silhouette that easily fits the crossover appeal they were going for.

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  • 1. Under Armour Curry One “Splash Party”

    Under Armour decided as a birthday present to create a special PE colorway for his first signature sneaker. They dubbed it the “Splash Party.” The sneaker’s name is a symbol of Steph’s out-of-this-world shooting ability and a play on the “Splash Brothers” nickname. The sneaker features a white glow-in-the-dark base and a chrome heel counter with confetti paint speckles on the sockliner and midsole. To make things more festive, there is also a confetti printed interior. Curry debuted these during a home game last year against the Knicks and they eventually released as part of the “Championship Pack.”

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  • Under Armour Curry Two Floor General
  • Under Armour Curry Two Northern Lights
  • Under Armour Curry Two Haight Street
  • Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Purple Voodoo
  • Under Armour Curry Two Iron Sharpens Iron
  • Under Armour Curry Two Suit and Tie
  • Under Armour Curry One Friends and Family MVP

When it comes to sneakers there are many different elements that make a shoe great: aesthetics, specific tech aspects, comfort. Most importantly, though, a sneaker’s colorway is vital. We live in a time when there is no filter on sneaker colorways, no source of inspiration that a brand can’t reach. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. World War II planes. Downtown Chicago streets. Lakes. Storms. Stars.

Brands are releasing a seemingly unlimited supply of colorways, and as customers we can even create our own if need be. The Curry Two from Under Armour and Stephen Curry, for example, is on track to release around 16 different colorways this season.

Colorways represent a storyline, a way for fans to connect on a personal level with a shoe. (This is a reason why so many Air Jordan sneakers are special.) Yes, Curry is arguably the most popular player in the L. But if his sneakers didn’t play off his story–an underdog, the underrated son of a former NBAer–would anyone care? It’s certainly a viable question.

There might not be a better story at the moment than Stephen Curry. He’s grown from underdog…to one of the most marketable players in the NBA…to being a flat-out superstar. Under Armour has done a great job creating multiple colorways for the reigning MVP that reflect his journey throughout the years. As UA continues to drop different colorways of the Curry Two, and as Steph elevates his play to all-time levels as we approach NBA All-Star Weekend, we took a look at some of Stephen Curry’s Best Sneaker Colorways.

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