Step Up Your Game and Impress Your Girl With These 5 Fashion Statements

  • Nike AW77 Ace Cuff Pants
    Cuffed pants

    Most of my friends refuse to cuff their pants. Straight refuse to. Of course, most of my friends are stuck in 2008, still wearing long jeans and sweats that end up fraying at the bottom because they’re stuffed over the top of their sneakers like a pile of dirty laundry. It’s 2014, fellas. Get with the times.

    Cop some cuffed pants, and if you’re rocking jeans, it only takes a minute to upgrade. A nice cuff also shows off your sneakers, too. Champs Sports can save you.

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  • adidas Flux

    You hear that? That’s the sound of European culture infiltrating America. Sooner or later, people aren’t going to be wildin’ out over Jordans anymore. Sooner or later — and I’m seeing it more and more in the big cities — sneaker culture is going to shift. Make the jump now before the crowds start flooding behind you. Be a trendsetter. Rock some runners or trainers, like the adidas Flux. No, they didn’t make this list. Call us stupid for that. Take a look at these 20 images and tell us that shoe doesn’t kill it. Anytime. Anywhere.

    Women can respect a man who knows his runners. If he’s rocking a fresh pair, it means a couple of things:

    a) he probably works out so he’s not a complete slob who plays Destiny all day


    b) he’s not afraid to go against the grain

    It’s all about confidence, people. If you can pull these trainers and runners off, you might just have a shot at that girl in chemistry class.

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  • New Era NFL Sport Knit
    Ski hats

    Is it so cold right now that you need a ski cap? Not really. But that’s why they call it fashion. Everyone has skull caps. Everyone has snapbacks. Let your swag out with a ski cap and see what happens. Can you wear this out on a date? Probably not. But here’s the thing: we’re hoping you’ve got that part locked in. This look’ll help you get a date if you don’t already have one.

    Cop your home city’s squad, too. At least as long as it’s not the Patriots. Not even we can save you if you’re a New England fan. *wink wink*

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  • Timberland 6-Inch Boots
    Timberland boots

    No closet is complete without some Timberlands. Trust me, I have four pairs. All different colors, for all different occasions. During cold months when it’s snowing and raining and nasty outside, trucks dropping down salt and cars kicking up dirt and mud, you want something protective and warm. Timbs are a classic, a style that’s been killing it for a long time.

    Champs Sports has more than a few versions available, so take your pick. It’ll have you towering over your girl, which is always a boost in confidence.

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  • Nike Tech Fleece Crew

    October is the perfect month to start breaking out your long-sleeve shirts, and there’s no better one available than the Nike Tech Fleece Crew from Champs Sports. Currently available in black, grey, and royal blue, the shirt features thermal construction and that dope kangaroo pouch. Perfect for keeping warm. Your girl will thank us later.

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  • Nike AW77 Ace Cuff Pants
  • adidas Flux
  • New Era NFL Sport Knit
  • Timberland 6-Inch Boots
  • Nike Tech Fleece Crew

Fall is football. Fall is cookouts and tailgates. Fall is windy weather and cuffed pants. Fall is all of that and more. It’s just too bad that not everyone realizes it and can’t get with the times. The change in season requires more than just turning the page on that calendar you have hanging in your room. Your wardrobe needs a complete overhaul if you want to stay looking fresh.

We’ve tried to help you in the past with simple instructions on what to wear to a football game this season. Hopefully you listened. We pointed out 10 sneakers that go perfectly with cuffed pants, something that everyone should be aware of now that it’s not 2002 anymore and people aren’t buying pants for someone twice their size. We showcased five kicks currently available at the Nike Yardline that’ll make you the talk of the party. We also introduced you to the latest sneaker that is taking over the culture: the adidas Flux. And now that school is back in full swing, we’re here to help you take advantage.

Style is something you can learn, so don’t fret. Stay fresh this school year by learning from the best: Champs Sports. You’ll probably never be able to run and catch like Dez Bryant, or dance like Victor Cruz, but at the very least you can attempt to look like them. Here are some ways to make yourself standout.

This October, make sure you Step Up Your Game and Impress Your Girl With These 5 Fashion Statements.

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