Staying Fly: A Fire Sneaker for Every Situation This Summer

  • adidas Ultra Boost all black
    Working out

    adidas Ultra Boost – $179.99

    There is no hotter sneaker right now than the adidas Ultra Boost. And once Kanye West co-signed them, pairs were flying out the door so fast they didn’t even have time to warm up the shelves. That alone shows you that everyone from stylish set to the non-sneakerheads have adopted these into their wardrobes. But what does it have in terms of performance? There are plenty to aid the avid gym-goer who likes to lift or run.

    It offers excellent support through a “four-way stretch heel.” This way you won’t be caught off-balance whether you’re doing CrossFit or doing lunges. There’s also the boost-midsole that keeps your feet cushy during long runs. And coming in at a weight of 10.9 ounces, the shoe is so light it will feel like you’re walking barefoot. Get the all-black ones and you’ll be set with anything you wear from the feet up.

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  • Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star
    Pool party

    Converse All Star – $49.99

    The tried and true Converse All Star lives up to its name by being pretty much an every situation shoe at this point. And if there were a setting where a pair would really come through in the clutch, it would have to be a pool party. Think about it: Water, grass, and barbecue are involved, and everyone’s scheming on ways to toss you into the pool. This is no place to wear your most coveted shoes unless you want to get them trashed. Have you ever had barbecue sauce accidentally spilled on your shoes? No? Well, it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world. But if they spilled on a pair of canvas All Stars, you won’t actually mind because these shoes look good clean or dirty.

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  • Beach

    Jordan Hydro 4 Slides – $49.99

    The worst part about going to the beach is getting sand all over everything, and it becomes irritating when those grains get trapped inside your shoes. The obvious option for your beach bumming days are slides. They are essentially the convertibles of footwear.

    Besides the fact that they give you maximum exposure to air, these open-toed babies don’t collect sand like the majority of footwear choices. Of course, you can always pick out a pair of $5 slippers on the boardwalk, but why settle for something that will only last you a month tops? A pair like the Jordan Hydro 4 is durable for indoor and outdoor use with just enough style that it doesn’t look like a pair you rock at your dorm showers.

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  • New Balance 572

    New Balance 572 – $89.99

    If you aren’t doing any outdoor activities this summer, then you’re doing something wrong. Lay off your phone and video games in exchange for some fresh air and take a hike, literally. But first you need the right shoes.

    For a simple day-hike you’re going to need a shoe that will grip the rocks well while you’re out on the trail. If you’re concerned about looks, don’t worry. There are shoes that are stylish and still bring it. The New Balance 572 is a classic sneakerhead favorite.

    Although it doesn’t go as far as the carpet inside the house for some collectors, this bright shoe is actually built to take on any rugged path. Mesh upper provides air for your feet to breath, and the N-FUSE technology is there to cover you on comfort with superior cushioning. Lugged soles give you a good grip so you won’t be rolling your ankles any time soon. The only things you’ll be breaking are the necks of other hikers on the trail.

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  • adidas Stan Smith
    Night out

    adidas Stan Smith – $74.99

    Choosing what shoes to wear when going for a night out can be a tough challenge. Especially when you don’t know where to go. If you’re going to eat, anything goes. However if it’s the club route, the proper footwear is the deciding factor if the bouncer will let you in or not.

    Find shoes that will get you into a nice restaurant (read: anything), but the trick is it has to be clean enough to get you into the club. Enter the ultra clean adidas Stan Smith. The shoe doesn’t have a lot of branding and its lines are so simple it can pass for a dress shoe. So if your homies say your group is going to a restaurant, but end up hitting up the club, at least you won’t be that guy holding everyone back at the door.

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  • Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini

    Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini – $129.99

    Continuing the legacy that started with the super popular SpeedForm Apollo, this shoe is perfect for those summer runs through town. It features gripping technology that still creates comfort through a seamless heel cup, an ArmourVent mesh upper made in a lingerie factory, a full-length foam sockliner, and a Charged Foam midsole that adheres to your foot. With innovative SpeedForm tech, you can’t go wrong here.

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  • Nike Air Flight Huarache

    Nike Air Flight Huarache – $114.99

    Huarache technology has always been a favorite among basketball players, and this year is going to be no different. This summer, you’ll need a shoe that works well both inside and outside, considering many summer leagues and pickup runs still hold it down beneath the sun. This is the perfect mix of the two environments.

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  • adidas Ultra Boost all black
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star
  • New Balance 572
  • adidas Stan Smith
  • Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini
  • Nike Air Flight Huarache

The sun is out and the skies are clear, put on your heaters because flexing szn is here.

Summer has officially arrived and warm weather calls for any footwear you want to wear because you don’t have to worry about Mother Nature ruining your kicks. This is your moment to do it for the ‘gram and harvest those “likes” like a goblin raiding for gold. But is that really the case? Well it might be if it were a nice day and you just threw on a pair of grails for a casual Sunday stroll in the park. But who are we kidding? You won’t be doing any of that.

Even if we were blessed with sunny days for the next three months, there are certain situations that call for the right sneaker. In reality, summer is a different beast that requires your sneaker rotation to come through in any situation like a Swiss Army knife.

Think about it, there are more chances you’ll be outside doing some sort of activity. That is unless you’re a real hermit, of course. There are barbecue situations to consider. You can’t go through summer without going to the beach. Even if you’re a night owl who likes to stay out all night and sleep all day, there is a sneaker for you…and they are all available at Champs Sports. We had you covered on the lifestyle sneakers you need in your rotation this summer, but now here’s our guide to optimize it. Here’s our guide for Staying Fly: A Fire Sneaker for Every Situation This Summer.

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