Keep Up With the Game With the New “Into Wild/Palm Desert” Socks From Stance

When Dwyane Wade first started touting his new partnership with Stance Stocks, most of us added it up to just another rung in Wade’s ever-combative stylistic approach. You see, Wade has probably done more for NBA fashion than any player of this generation, even more so than Russell Westbrook. I’m serious. Russ West often looks like a high schooler just having fun, finding his identity. But D-Wade? He goes over the top with everything, taking things to another level. His older age probably adds to that perception, too.

But in part because of Wade, Stance soon broke into the game through their performance socks, which featured better traction and grip. I remember my first time trying the joints; it felt like someone put Velcro on my soles. Since then, Stance has perfected their craft. This year they even created the official socks for the biggest basketball game of the year: the NBA All-Star Game.

Thanks in large part to style trendsetters like D-Wade, Stance Socks is a big player in the game in 2015, especially after NBA All-Star Weekend. And now you can cop their next pair.

Dropping today at Champs Sports, the “Into Wild/Palm Desert” socks are the next wave for Stance, furthering their mantra of combining crisp style with sophisticated technology.

Growing up, as long as I had white socks I was good, whether it was on the court or off of it. In 2015, that’s not flying anymore. Don’t be out here Pistol Pete-ing your way through the game, rocking big, baggy, white socks. Keep it fresh. Link up with Stance.

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