Icon: Stalley Never Leaves Home Without a Fresh Pair of Sneakers

Everyone knows Stalley can ball…or at least you’ve heard he can hoop. This is a guy who played against LeBron James in high school and flirted with a little college ball in his own right. Well, having played against him during multiple Nike and NBA All-Star events, I can confirm the rumors are true. Dude has some game. Not only that, but the 2014 hip-hop standout has way too much heat in his closest. From Nikes to Jordans to Chucks, Ohio’s finest has it all.

Coming off the release of his official major label debut, Ohio, earlier this fall — an album featuring the singles “Always Into Something,” “Jackin’ Chevys,” and “One More Shot” with Rick Ross, Stalley is being lauded for his original flavor and storytelling, and his ear for Midwest-inspired beats. After waiting year after year for the man to finally make his presence known across the country, Ohio is his first step. From here, it’s only going to get better.

The good thing for Stalley is that his shoe game is already platinum status. On Instagram, we’ve seen him rocking the “True Blue” Air Jordan III, the Nike LeBron 11, the new black and white Air Jordan I, and everything in-between, always with a snapback and his patented beard flowing.

As he says in the caption, he’s always “sharp as a knife, smooth as butter.” That’s because Stalley Never Leaves Home Without a Fresh Pair of Sneakers.

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