A Sportswear Style Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts if You Want Your Instagram Game Super Lit

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    DO: Take Clear Pictures

    A clear, sharp image is key when it comes to taking pictures for the ‘gram—or any format for that matter. To achieve this, you must have the steady hands. This way the lens on your camera can focus properly on the object you’re trying to capture. We know you’re excited about showing off your fresh gear, but you can’t be in motion while you’re snapping a shot at the same time. Pro tip: If you’re shooting with an iPhone, try tapping on the object you’re trying to capture so the camera automatically puts it in focus.

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    DON’T: Post Blurry Images

    You might be rocking some serious heat on your feet, or a killer outfit, but nobody will know when half the time looking at the photo is spent figuring out what you’re wearing through a blurry photo. Don’t post a blurry image and add “#art” because you won’t fool anyone, either. Also, you may think that photo editing apps can save an out of focus photo, but most of the time it’s better to take another picture.

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    DO: Wear Your Heaters

    No sense in letting your shoe collection rot in the closet. Put those grails on your feet and let other collectors know you have the luxury of wearing what they don’t have or dare wear if they did. Resellers will cringe because they see a shoe losing it’s value due to dirt and creasing, but you have zero care in the world. Shoes are meant to be worn and not tucked away in a closet.

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    DON’T: Show Off Your Beaters

    Nobody wants to see your dirty, worn shoes. The only thing that would be acceptable in this case would be a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor, because we all know they look better when they look beat up. In any other case, anything with unsightly stains from who knows where is unacceptable. Remember this is an instruction on keeping your Instagram super lit, not super strug. And beaters are not included in the definition of “super lit.”

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    DO: Try Wearing Something That Everyone Else Won’t

    A style risk is trying something the majority will not touch, and pulling it off. Remember when everyone rolled their eyes at jogger pants? Well now look at all the people wearing jogger pants spamming your feed everyday. It’s all about pushing the boundaries of your style if you want your Instagram feed to stand out from the crowd. But make sure you’re comfortable wearing the clothes, and your outfit doesn’t look too forced. Jogger pants no longer fit under the style risk category, so try out something else, or wear them in some mind-blowing way nobody has figured out yet.

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    DON’T: Jack Someone Else’s Style

    We shouldn’t tell you this but never, ever swagger jack someone else’s style. If a particular person or style inspires you, don’t copy it. Try translating that inspiration into your own little vision or improve on it the way you see fit. Like fake shoes, someone will always call out copies, and they won’t hesitate to let you know in the comment section.

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    DO: Be Creative and Choose a Nice Background

    Choosing the right place to take your photo is as important as taking a picture of what you’re trying to show off. Even if it’s a plain white wall, a nice background helps in making your whole outfit pop. If you want to get way up—literally—you get extra cool points if you get a picture of your shoes and your feet dangling from a helicopter. Scared of heights? Well, there are more ways to show off your gear. Always be consistent and be careful not to post a picture from your filthy room with your dirty laundry strewn everywhere. That one picture alone can ruin the whole aesthetic of your Instagram game.

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    DON’T: Take Mirror Selfies In the Bathroom

    We’ve all seen these kinds of pictures before, and we can all agree that they really aren’t the best. First the quality of the photo sucks because the lighting is terrible. And when the lighting is great, the camera captures more than what the shooter wants to reveal. An un-flushed toilet, reflections of someone’s butt (probably the person taking the picture), or a messy counter are just some of the flagrant fouls witnessed. There’s also a big risk that you will become a meme.

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    DO: Outfit Grids

    If you want a clean way to present what you’re about to wear, then an outfit grid is the way to go. Yes it takes time to set up, but it captures your whole outfit in one shot before you even put it on. You might need a small stepladder or maybe stand on your bed and take the photo from above looking down.

    The image here is more of a shoe grid, but you get the idea.

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    DON’T: Make Collages

    If you have one of those apps like Picstich that allows you to make a collage out of 10 photos so it fits in one Instagram frame, we suggest you go to your phone and delete that. Part of the fun in using Instagram is to capture everything in one tiny square space. To put more photos in even smaller boxes will hurt some eyes. Don’t take a separate photo for your shirt, shoes, and hat, then make a collage out of it. Leave the collages for the Pinterest obsessed.

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Every time you look around it seems that people are always thumbing through their phones. Most of the time they’re probably checking emails or texting. If they’re not doing those two, I’m just going to place my bets and say they’re scrolling through Instagram.

What’s not to like? There’s very little reading, so it doesn’t require that much time. You get to find out what your friends, and even famous people like professional athletes are up to. You have a choice of either double-tapping a photo to “like” it, comment, or share a photo. The app is very user friendly — even your grandma can use it. But is it really that simple?

The sharing part is what can separate you from the rest. There are those who share photos of family. Others share photos of wild parties. Then there are those who like to flex and show people they have the best style, or the best collections. So if you have the gear, the heat on your feet, and now you want to show it off to more than just your friends, well, Instagram is a good way to do that. But if you want to stunt, you have to come correct or don’t come at all. Follow some of these tips and you’ll be well on your way to one of our top 10 lists. Without further interruption here is a Sportswear Style Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts if You Want Your Instagram Game Super Lit.

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