These Are the Sneakers You Better Have This Spring

  • Nike Air Max 95
    Fresh white-on-whites


    Whether it’s the AM95, the AM90, or the Air Force 1, you need some white-on-white in your rotation this spring. These three sneakers are classics that have been in sneakerhead rotations for generations and it’s not hard to see why. They are super versatile. They can work with pants, jeans, joggers, sweats, even shorts. And if need be, you can use them for performance. They are timeless sneakers and aren’t going anywhere in 2015.

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  • adidas Ultra Boost
    adidas Ultra Boost


    What adidas is calling the most advanced running sneaker of all time, the Ultra Boost is an improvement on a few of the best running shoes of last year. Featuring energy-returning Boost in the midsole, the shoe toes the line perfectly between being soft and too soft, perfect for long-distance runners. With a breathable mesh upper and a rubber outsole that grips to the ground, these are a must-cop.

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  • Nike Zoom Hypercross Trainer
    Nike Zoom Hypercross


    Hexagonal cushioning on the outsole for extra support in the necessary areas makes the HyperCross one of the best training shoes we’ve seen in a long time. When LeBron James co-signs the sneaker by including the new tech in his signature shoe, you know it’s real. One of the few training shoes you can legitimately wear out and not look out of place.

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  • Air Jordan 1 Retro Laser
    Air Jordan I Retro


    Michael Jordan‘s first sneaker recently got a makeover from the Jordan Brand with the return of laser detailing. As part of a laser pack that also featured the Jordan IV and the Jordan XX, the I again showed it can work as more than a skateboard/city street favorite. The detailed layering on the upper is perfectly executed on this sneaker, making it one of the best Jordans to ever feature lasering.

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  • adidas Originals Tubular
    adidas Originals Tubular


    Another in a long line of hot lifestyle releases from adidas Originals, the Tubular is famously rooted in sport and inspired by the runway, with a high cut, neoprene upper, and fat EVA outsole. An upgraded edition to the ZX 7000 family, the Tubular looks incredible with jogger pants and in 2014 it quickly became a favorite among city sneakerheads.

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  • Timberland boots
    Timberland 6-Inch Boots


    Thanks to co-signs by people like Drake, Timbs are back in the limelight once again. A classic boot, available in multiple materials and colors, it’s stylish enough that you don’t need to keep it locked in the closet once the weather thaws. Rock it with pants. Rock it with jeans. Either way, not having at least one or two pairs in your rotation is a failure.

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  • adidas Originals ZX Flux
    adidas Originals ZX Flux


    The Flux was arguably the top sneaker of 2014 and adidas still hasn’t lost steam, releasing new colorways and designs at will. It’s a one-piece upper that is both supportive and casual, the perfect every day shoe. And then thanks to recent releases like the Neutron pack, the Flux is still staying fresh on the streets.

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  • Nike Kyrie 1
    Nike Kyrie 1


    Still our pick for the best new performance basketball sneaker of the season, the Kyrie 1 is both high fashion, through its obvious Australian architectural roots, and high performance, thanks to a lightweight Hyperfuse upper and a Zoom unit on the outsole.

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  • adidas Originals Superstar
    adidas Originals Superstar


    Still a classic, no matter if you’re rocking the plain whites or some wild collab. The Superstar is a perfect sneaker to wear in the spring when the weather starts to turn and you find yourself wearing a lot of sweats and hoodies. You can dress it up or down.

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  • Nike Air Max 95
  • adidas Ultra Boost
  • Nike Zoom Hypercross Trainer
  • Air Jordan 1 Retro Laser
  • adidas Originals Tubular
  • Timberland boots
  • adidas Originals ZX Flux
  • Nike Kyrie 1
  • adidas Originals Superstar

Coming up at the turn of the century, if you weren’t copping fresh white-on-white Air Force 1s at least two to three times per year, you were slipping. The shoe was everywhere, from Nelly videos to MTV Cribs episodes. It wasn’t that the sneaker wasn’t a trendsetting classic, something that had been in demand for years. It was just a perfect storm, the shoe meshing with the culture to create a certified beast.

Just in time for spring, the white-on-white Uptowns, as well as white-on-white versions of the Nike Air Max 95 and Air Max 90, are all available at Champs Sports. This year, just like every year, they need to be in your rotation for the spring weather. That’s just as true now in 2015 as it was 15 years ago. Any list marking the top sneakers to watch for this season — like this one — needs to have them on there.

Speaking of shoes that’ll kill it in ’15, there’s also the adidas Ultra Boost, being billed as the most technological advanced running shoe ever made. Comprised of 3,000 energy capsules within the Boost midsole, the shoe knows exactly how to toe the line between comfort and support, between soft and too soft, which is a necessity for long-distance runners.

Overall, between shoes like the aforementioned Ultra Boost, and the Air Max 90, 95, and Air Force 1, we’ve never been this spoiled. Both Nike and adidas are hitting on all cylinders. Add in the Yeezy Boost from the 3-Stripes and it’s a good time to be a sneaker fan.

In 2015, styles are constantly changing. However some things, like our love for the white-on-white Air Force 1, Air Max 95, and Air Max 90, will always stay the same. These are the Sneakers You Better Have This Spring.

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