5 Reasons Why No Legit Sneakerhead Is Skipping the “Legend Blue” Air Jordan 11

  • Historical significance

    The only time MJ ever wore these sneakers was in the 1996 NBA All-Star Game, which has significance for a few reasons. This was Jordan’s first All-Star Game after his return from baseball, as in the year prior he didn’t join Chicago until after the holiday showcase was already over. He also won the MVP this year, edging out Shaquille O’Neal with 20 points.

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  • Air Jordan 11
    Rare Air

    Out of the five original Air Jordan XI models, including the two low-top versions, this shoe is probably the most rare. It was retroed just once and hasn’t seen the light since 2001. That’s nearly 15 years. Of course, the “Legend Blue” color looks just slightly different from the original “Columbia” but it’s close enough that they might as well call it by the same name.

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  • Jordan Brand
    Future of Jordan Brand

    Beginning in 2015, Jordan Brand is promising a new look to their retro program. They’ll be “remastering” many of the classics and returning the sneakers in, hopefully, higher quality releases. Sounds amazing, right? I think everyone is excited to at least see what the higher prices deliver. Alas, none of us know for sure how it’ll all play out. In that sense, this is going to be one of the last big releases of the old regime. (If you want to call it that.) Next year’s 30th anniversary is going to change things.

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  • Air Jordan 11
    Holiday season

    By now you probably know that sneakerheads love the holiday season. It’s one big sneaker release after another, and it goes on for weeks and weeks. This is also the most important shopping season of the year, meaning you’ll probably have a lot of cats asking for these for Christmas. It makes perfect sense, considering the shoe drops on the Saturday before the holiday.

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  • Air Jordan 11
    The sneaker

    Hmm, let’s see. Not only is the Air Jordan XI probably the most universally loved Jordan sneaker ever made, but this colorway is also just dope. You’d have to be a fool to skip out on this one. When you combine a great, historical colorway with a silhouette that everyone loves, the results are pretty obvious.

    It’s also one of the greatest all-white silhouettes I’ve ever seen.

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  • Michael Jordan
  • Air Jordan 11
  • Jordan Brand
  • Air Jordan 11
  • Air Jordan 11

There are probably hundreds of reasons why shoe lovers aren’t going to miss out on tomorrow’s Air Jordan XI release. It’s a special shoe with a historical pedigree, returning at the perfect time and for the first time in 13 years. I could sit here and write that it’s just an amazing sneaker that’ll look good with anything you want to wear or that it’s one of the most universally loved all-white sneakers. But that’s boring.

What I’ll say instead is that for those of you lucky enough to get your hands on this shoe from the Jordan Brand, it carries with it a special quality. The younger cats out there might not get it, considering Michael Jordan is sort of a mythical creature to them, but in 1996 Jordan was still working his way back from baseball. By the All-Star Game that season, the Bulls looked almost unbeatable at 42-5 despite a recent two-game losing streak — this team was so good they lost two straight games just TWICE all season, including the playoffs — but Jordan had still not regained all of his prestige. He’d win his first title since returning later that season, as well as another MVP, and it was during the All-Star Game in these sneakers that he’d show he was still the best of the best, winning the game’s MVP.

The sneaker will be available at Champs Sports tomorrow in all of its glory. Don’t miss out. Here are 5 Reasons Why No Legit Sneakerhead Is Skipping the “Legend Blue” Air Jordan 11.

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image via Jordan Brand