Sneakerhead New Year’s Resolutions: The Roundtable

  • South Beach LeBrons


    Ever had a legit New Year's Resolution that involved sneakers?

    @r6ndz: If you’re a sneakerhead on a budget, then this is YOUR daily struggle! You know, deciding wether to pay your rent or cop that brand new Jordan release! Lol. But yes, as the New Year approaches and new goals present themselves, the thought of “limiting” your shoe pickups is always involved in the conversation. Do I stick to my New Year’s resolution?…In most cases, no.

    @jumpmanbostic: No, actually I haven’t. This is a burning passion I’ve had for over 30 years and each year I look forward to what’s new for that particular year.

    @sneakersensei: This year is my first, in 2015, unless seeded the only kicks I will own will come through that company’s iD program.

    @eqkicks: Not that I can remember.

    @stickie213: Nope. I don’t really make resolutions.

    @theinfader: Not really…I’ve never been one to make resolutions. I just try to keep it moving & do better every year as a whole. I’m not a big fan of the whole “New Year New me” frame of mind. Some people treat it like a reset button. I think you should always set goals daily to push harder, not just for the new year.

    @jcheyenne_: I wouldn’t call it a legit, but this year one of my sneaker resolutions was to not buy shoes just on impulse & I did a pretty good job at that…I cracked at a few but they were shoes I wanted anyways aha.

    @lovetasha: Always. Each year I vow to focus on quality vs. quantity.

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  • @eqkicks


    What's one thing you'd like to do involving sneakers in 2015?

    @r6ndz: For those that know me, they know that I always keep a close ear to particular releases whether it be a “112” themed colorway, an Oregon Duck drop, a new LeBron or even a new Manny Pacquiao release (which Nike seems to have forgotten about lately)…but one thing I’d love to do is see if I can get a few pairs here and there signed. A nice auto from LeBron, DJ Clark Kent, PacMan, or even someone from the Oregon football team would definitely add a nice touch to a shoe.

    @jumpmanbostic: I’d like to travel to the West Coast and south to Florida. I’d also like to visit International sneaker countries like the UK. I receive a lot of support from the UK from @teammonkeyracin, @mustonparry, @djheritage, @monica1984jersey just to name a few.

    I’d also like to have the opportunity to review Jordans a week or two before they release to show how they look in hand and taken #StraightToTheFootGame (on foot look).

    @sneakersensei: Developing a program to help underprivileged athletes obtain footwear.

    @eqkicks: I’d like to get my sneakers more organized in 2015.

    @stickie213: I want to dabble in other areas besides what I have done with my channel over the past few years. My tastes have developed and I don’t believe I have showed that transition to my supports yet.

    @theinfader: I plan on doing a few more events with “Laced Up” other than our annual local event. Hopefully I can work with more brands like I’m currently doing with Jordan Brand & Brooks Heritage. Do some traveling with the homies from A Tribe Called Fresh. I’ve been having some fun with photography lately so maybe shoot some product shots for people or experiment more with the marketing side of things with sneakers…Who knows.

    @jcheyenne_: One thing id like to do during 2015 involving sneakers is continue to be a positive influence to other younger female s’heads who are trying to get into the game & lifestyle. But I also plan on building my YouTube channel some more on GS sized sneakers & throwing more sneaker events in SoCal.

    @lovetasha: In 2014, I completed a mini sneaker tour in Tokyo. For 2015, I wish to help expand the awareness of the Hawaii sneaker community to the rest of the world. I also want to visit Thailand to reach out to their sneaker community.

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  • Nike Mag


    What's the one sneaker you're most looking forward to seeing in 2015?

    @r6ndz: The ONE sneaker that I’m looking forward to is the one we all hope comes to fruition…Air Mags WITH “Power laces.”…Tinker, make it happen.

    @jumpmanbostic: It’s a few in 2015 but 2016 is gonna be my year of the 8s the #Great8s. But in 2015 I’m looking forward to the remastered versions of re-releases and doing comparison videos to the past releases.

    I’d like to see the Flint 7, Chambray 7, and Miro 7 come my way. #OnTheHuntForThose my #A_Kiction is still burning.

    @eqkicks: I would love to see a retro 17 released.

    @stickie213: The Air Mag launch will be fun. I am excited to see how Nike rolls that one out.

    @theinfader: I’m pretty excited to see the remastered retros from Jordan Brand. So far the quality has been pretty on point from what I’ve seen.

    As for one sneaker in general I’m hoping that SB gets more creative than just doing retro lows as highs. We really need a “what the dunk” high already! So that would be a good one. (Wishful thinking)

    @jcheyenne_: Mmmm…I’m honestly curious to see all the new women’s sized Jordans that are going to be released (other than the 4s, 7s, & 10s that have already been shown) & I’m looking forward to seeing what adidas has in store in 2015 as well.

    @lovetasha: The Citrus 11 Low drop will definitely spark nostalgia for me.

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  • Air Jordan 8
    If you could add one shoe to your collection in 2015, which would it be?

    @r6ndz: For me, 2015 is a year where I’m setting personal goals of “re-acquiring” shoes that I’ve let go in the past whether by selling or trading them away. Two shoes that are high on my list are the Air Zoom Flight 95s and Coraline Dunks. Given Nike’s history of re-retroing retros, it’s just a matter of time before we’ll see the OG Flight 95s come around again. Basically I just have to wait it out. So at this point I’d say Coraline Dunks is what I constantly search for in hopes of re-adding to the collection.

    @jumpmanbostic: If I could only get one sneaker that’s eluding me it would be DOERNBECHER 5. It’s several others tho that are very close if not neck and neck like the Bin 9, Miro 7, Ray Allen 8 (Celtics), Black Laser 4, or the OG Blk/Red Jordan 1.

    @sneakersensei: Deadstock Air Unlimited, I’d break my resolution for that shoe. I’ve been in hot pursuit for 11 years.

    @eqkicks: Ginger 16s

    @stickie213: Eminem 4s…but I’m dreaming.

    @theinfader: I’m still searching for the limited version movie prop Coraline Dunks.

    @jcheyenne_: DB 4s…Those are my grails & they’re at the top of my list to get in 2015.

    @lovetasha: Just one?! There’s no way.

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  • Sneaker Sensei


    What's one thing you won't do involving sneakers in 2015?

    @r6ndz: I might be in the minority in this category, but the one thing I KNOW that I won’t be doing are those YouTube “unboxing,” on-feet, or pickup videos! I just feel the purpose of those has been lost throughout the years and a lot of these new kids do it just to do it. Those vids are terrible and I just feel they sorta all copy one another with no added value to the viewing consumer. Don’t get me wrong there are some really awesome videos out there that HAVE purpose whether it’s an on-court performance review or an OG to retro comparison, but other than that, I don’t see myself behind a camera anytime soon.

    @jumpmanbostic: I’ll never become a negative person in the sneaker culture or disrespect sneakers or others in what has been a major part of my life for the past 30-plus years. I hope to be able to have a deeper role in the sneaker movement and a voice of connection with those with the deep passion for kicks. So many are giving up because of hypebeasts, the real love people have has to stay and giving up my #A_KICTION is not an option anytime soon.

    Thanks for allowing me this opportunity, I appreciate everything that 2014 has brought my way and I’m looking forward to traveling to more shows in 2015 and beyond displaying and choppin’ it up about kicks.

    @sneakersensei: Adding fuel to that hype fire that burns so bright these days…Good, bad or indifferent I will just speak the facts!!!!

    @theinfader: I don’t really have an answer for this one. Sneakers will always be on my feet!

    @jcheyenne_: I just hope I don’t lose my love & passion for shoes…the sneaker game is starting to get crazier & crazier, so i hope it doesn’t get too crazy to the point where I just lose focus on what I actually do & why I do it.

    @lovetasha: Give into the haters and negativity. No matter what.

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New Year’s resolutions are just as much a part of the holiday season as Christmas trees, presents, the Times Square Ball, and bad music. (The next time I hear “Dominick the Donkey” better be the last.) Whether you’re trying to lose weight, ditch that ugly wardrobe, up your swag, do better at your job, or just be happier, almost everyone has a resolution that we all can relate to.

But what about some of the world’s biggest sneakerheads? What are they wishing for? Well, we asked them.

The upcoming year is going to be a big one in the sneaker culture. Jordan Brand is promising “remastered” retros. Nike will have major releases for some of the game’s best players. And adidas will try to continue to build off their 2014 MVP year. The industry is hyped and ready to dive in.

We caught up with some of the most notable sneakerheads — @LoveTasha, @r6ndz, @jumpmanbostic, @sneakersensei, @eqkicks, @stickie213, @theinfader, @jcheyenne_ — all of whom have shared their passion for kicks on The Drop and Champs Sports during The Stash series, to let them share what’s ahead in 2015. From the sneakers they want to see drop — and trust us you’ll want to keep tabs on these joints — to the one shoe they’d like to add to their collection during the new calendar year, they all have a little something different to offer.

Looking to get yourself a spot in the sneaker game? See if you can break into this conversation first. This is the Sneakerhead New Year’s Resolutions: The Roundtable.

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