Sneaker of the Week: Air Jordan 12 French Blue

The interesting thing about the Air Jordan XII French Blue colorway is that while it wasn’t an original colorway, it still feels like one. That’s probably because of its history.

After first releasing at the very beginning of 2004, the shoe was worn in the NBA by All-Stars like Richard Hamilton and Kobe Bryant. Yep, Kobe. During the 2003-04 season, Bryant wore these when the Lakers rocked their Minneapolis throwbacks. (It’s interesting to note that by this time Bryant was already past his iconic sneaker free agency. He was a Nike athlete simply showing love.)

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As for Michael Jordan himself, the GOAT never wore them on court, even with the Washington Wizards. The original “French Blue” sample that was supposed to come out never did because Jordan was fired by the Wizards after his second season playing with them. I think it’s safe to say what we did end up getting was pretty good. But because of the court time the shoe did see back in the day, it’s easy to forget this was an original retro rather than an actual original.

Either way, that doesn’t really matter does it? All that matters is that this sneaker is pure heat.

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Available this Saturday at Champs Sports will be the Air Jordan XII French Blue colorway, an absolute classic that needs to be considered one of the silhouette’s greatest releases ever.

The Jordan XII was inspired by 19th century women’s dress boots and the Japanese war flag, known as the Nisshoki. Designer Tinker Hatfield was able to craft something that was both performance heavy while also stylish. Even today, this sneaker is one of the more elegant signature releases from the Jordan Brand. It’s also known as one of the best performing Jordans to date.

It’s amazing that sneakers which dropped during Michael Jordan’s career are still relevant. The latest to release is the Air Jordan XII French Blue colorway. Now that this classic is back, you’d be foolish to pass it up.

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Air Jordan 12 French Blue

Air Jordan 12 French Blue

Air Jordan 12 French Blue

Air Jordan 12 French Blue

Air Jordan 12 French Blue

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