Sneaker Spotlight: Ice Bottoms for the Jordan Future Low

Everything about the Air Jordan XI is classic, from the use of patent leather to the carbon fiber. It’s one of the greatest basketball sneakers ever made–certainly on the short list. But one of the parts of the shoe that sometimes gets overlooked is the outsole. Coming up in the mid-90s, there was nothing like seeing a freshly-minted pair hitting the streets for the first time. Actually, let me take that back. Even today, some 20 years after its original release, there’s nothing like seeing someone rock these joints with a bottom that isn’t dirty or showing clear signs of age (yellowing).

The icy bottoms look is something we all strive for and even though avoiding the dreaded yellowing can be a tough job in and of itself, I’ve seen some cats go above and beyond to keep their kicks looking fresh. While some products can wear age nicely, sneakers are a tough sell. They lose their coloring. They start to fall apart. They aren’t worth as much. Keeping that sole fly is a big, big part of that.

Enter the latest version of the Jordan Future Low to drop at Champs Sports today. Up until earlier this summer, we hadn’t seen any low editions for the Jordan Future to feature an icy sole, but thank the sneaker gods that Jordan Brand finally came to their senses. Any sneaker that takes inspiration or design details from the XI is already a winner, so this is only icing on the cake.

There’s nothing better than a crisp pair of icy bottoms on an Air Jordan XI. The only thing touching it might be this sneaker, a must-cop for the summer.

Jordan Future Low Ice Bottoms

Jordan Future Low Ice Bottoms

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