The Snapbacks Everyone Needs This Summer

I grew up with fitteds. In high school, I was living just outside of Boston so I had everything Red Sox-related. Red fitteds. The classic blue. Black pinstriped. Even white and brown ones. I couldn’t wear them to school but I wore them just about everywhere else. (And yes, I kept the sticker on them too. Sue me.)

And while fitteds will never go out of style if you live in a place like New York City, even if 6XL T-shirts have, snapbacks are dominating the sneaker culture right now. There’s really no argument there, either. If you don’t have a few of them in your rotation this summer, you might as well give up. Your swag will not be on point. This month’s freshest style trends include bucket hats–also on the rise thanks to a few stylish rappers–and snapbacks, and those fits will continue to rise in popularity as the heat jumps.

Think about it. Your next pool party, your next cookout, your next night out on the beach…are you rolling without a snapback? No, you’re not, at least if you know what you’re doing. It’s a style that’s come all the way back in a big way. Normally, we’d tell you to be a trendsetter. Yet sometimes the most important thing is simply flowing with the current.

As we’re now on the cusp of summer, you need to be hitting up Champs Sports for all of your snapback needs. Forget what the calendar says, doesn’t it feel like summer? That’s all that matters. These are the Snapbacks Everyone Needs This Summer.

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