5 Shoes That Can Survive the Winter

  • Timberland boots
    Timberland boots

    There’s no way we were starting this list without going here. Okay, so they aren’t technically shoes…but find me a sneakerhead that doesn’t have a few Timberlands in their closet. You can’t. Available now in both nubuck leather and waterproof, with a padded collar and a rugged outsole, every winter wardrobe should start here. That’s especially true now that the boot is coming back.

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  • Nike KD7
    Nike KD7

    The Nike KD7 was a huge step forward for Kevin Durant‘s signature line. It wasn’t that the last few editions weren’t great performance shoes. They were. But with the return of both the mid-foot strap, as well as a higher cut, the sneaker is now a bonafide casual smash. Before this year, it was a rarity to see someone out rocking a pair of Kevin Durants. Now they’re everywhere and that’s not just because he’s the reigning MVP.

    It’s also funny that we’re talking weather and the KD7, considering how much of the sneaker’s bloodline flows through Durant’s long-running weatherman storyline.

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  • Jordan Jumpman Team 1

    The classic late-90s silhouette might be the best Team Jordan ever made. Anyone who was old enough to remember can recall the Cincinnati Bearcats and their repeated takeovers of SportsCenter. They made this shoe not only popular but a better and more iconic shoe than many of the failed Air Jordans at the time. I couldn’t have been the only one who was more into these joints than either the Jordan XV or XVI.

    The retro release this year not only offered multiple colorways, but with the ribbed Phylon midsole and the leather upper, you aren’t destroying this shoe with a little snow. Add in this all-black colorway and it’s a great option for Jordan lovers who don’t want to potentially screw up another pair.

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  • Nike Air Force 1
    Nike Air Force 1

    Is it a cliche? Yes. Is it true? Again, yes.

    The Air Force 1 is the best-selling sneaker of all time for a reason. It’s comfortable. It’s durable. And it’s versatile. All of that comes together to make this shoe a go-to for people like us no matter what month it is. During the summer, you can’t not have some white-on-white low Uptowns…yet even during the winter, wearing some high-top AF1s is a must.

    With more styles and colorways than you know what to do with, this sneaker appeals to everyone at any time.

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  • Nike Air Max Penny
    Nike Air Max Penny

    This is one of the greatest basketball sneakers ever made, and even if I’m partial to the Penny II, the original is routinely noted as Penny Hardaway‘s most significant signature shoe. So why do you need to have it in your winter rotation? Well, for one, a couple new colorways just dropped, including this one. It’s also nearly indestructible, and never, ever creases. With a rubber midsole, it can make it through the slush and ice and salt and snow. The toe box is rugged enough to last for you. And finally, this silhouette kills with any type of outfit. Just trust me on this one — I have a few different colorways from an ’06 retro release, including the original, and they literally look brand new (outside of some Swoosh yellowing), despite me wearing them consistently for almost a decade.

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  • Timberland boots
  • Nike KD7
  • Nike Air Force 1
  • Nike Air Max Penny

Trying to find sneakers to wear in the winter is always difficult. I’ll give you an example.

I don’t have enough room in my apartment for all my kicks, so some of them are still stashed at my dad’s place. When I went home for Thanksgiving, I had meant to take home a few pairs of sneaker boxes and bring back some different ones for the winter. (I used to do this all the time in college. Always gotta keep it fresh.) But, unfortunately, I forgot, which means I have a bunch of low-top shoes — grey Air Jordan XIs, a Christmas edition Nike Zoom Kobe VIII, the “China” Nike LeBron 11 Low, and others — from the summer that I’m going to have a hard time wearing now that the winter is here. I screwed up and now my rotation won’t be quite as strong.

Don’t be like me.

This month, make sure your collection is top notch and ready to go. The best way to do that is to find kicks that can survive the cold months and the nasty weather. The Air Jordan XII was never scared of a little snow. Neither was the Nike Air Tech Challenge III. And one of my favorite sneakers of all time — this’ll surprise you — is the adidas TMAC. That shoe had no problems in any blizzard.

Right now, if you’re not ready for the weather change, it’s still okay considering how many sneakers are currently available at Champs Sports. To help you out, we’re listing a few that make sense to rock in December and beyond. These are 5 Shoes That Can Survive the Winter at Champs Sports.

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