Shoeflake: The Game Plan by Champs Sports Presents the Nike Air Huarache in Black

When the Nike Air Huarache first launched in 1991, you couldn’t fault anyone for being a little surprised. In direct contrast to what was generally expected at the time, designer Tinker Hatfield’s goal was limiting the branding almost to the point of excluding it. He instead focused on the technology, creating something sleek and light in the process. And while it eventually developed into a classic shoe, the Huarache left some at Nike anxious. It wasn’t until a test run sold well at the NYC Marathon that the Swoosh relented and released the sneaker.

Such is the way with many innovative sneaker designs.

The Huarache technology would go on to play a role across all corners of sneaker culture. Michigan’s Fab Five obsessed over it. Jerry Seinfeld wore it on television. Michael Jordan’s sneaker line embraced it. Considering Tinker first came up with the idea during a waterskiing trip, its versatility was remarkable. With a neoprene upper, the Huarache became one of the first athletic shoes to sport the same rubber used on surfing booties.

Nearly 25 years later, the sneaker still resonates with a new generation. This holiday season at Champs Sports will see the release of a blacked-out version just in time for the bad weather, along with an accompanying fit to keep you laced no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

A dark colorway of this incredible shoe is a must for any winter rotation, even with a number of other memorable silhouettes returning. Upgrade your fit today.

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