She Got Game: The 10 Best Female Athletes to Follow on Instagram

  • Kaylyn Kyle
    Kaylyn Kyle


    Posts: 647

    Followers: 18,153

    One of the best soccer players that Canada has to offer, Kyle seems to spend half her days on vacation. Seriously, if it’s not a picture of her on the field, she’s in Mexico or Cyprus. For someone who plays for the Houston Dash in the National Women’s Soccer League, she really is living the good life.

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  • Paula Creamer
    Paula Creamer


    Posts: 816

    Followers: 37,526

    One of the best women’s golfers in the world, Creamer has won 12 tournaments and been ranked as high as No. 2 in the world. But luckily for her followers, she isn’t all golf all the time. One look at her IG page and you’ll see her giving you the inside scoop on just about everything in her life.

    She does posts lots and lots of selfies but that’s a very small complaint. Oh yeah, she’s also obsessed with the color pink — hence the Pink Panther nickname — so don’t be surprised when you find a lot of that on the ‘gram.

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  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan


    Posts: 203

    Followers: 558,869

    The queen of American soccer, Morgan’s been in the spotlight ever since taking over the highlight reels at the 2012 London Olympics. She’s a record-setter, a goal-scorer, and now thanks to her IG page, an entertainer.

    Morgan is at home doing just about anything, whether it’s showing off her new cleats, in front of the camera during photoshoots, or on the field. That’s style. That’s swag.

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  • Skylar Diggins
    Skylar Diggins


    Posts: 769

    Followers: 637,458

    A star ever since Lil Wayne professed his love for her, Diggins recently friend-zoned Drake at the ESPYs in one of the highlights of the show. It was just another instance of her immense presence, which has helped her become a star at the professional level from Day One.

    This year, Diggins is averaging 21 points per game for the Tulsa Shock, however, she’s so much more versatile than that. Her IG reflects that with sneakers, bikinis, photoshoots, and even the occasional food shot.

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  • Lindsey Vonn
    Lindsey Vonn


    Posts: 476

    Followers: 172,560

    Whereas being the girlfriend of Tiger Woods is probably famous enough, Vonn takes it to another level. The four-time World Cup American Olympic alpine skier champion spends a lot of her time on the ‘gram working out yet still treats us to shots of her out and about in style.

    She gets extra points for featuring her dog Leo so prominently. The lil’ guy even has his own Instagram… with nearly 10,000 followers!

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  • Sydney Leroux
    Sydney Leroux


    Posts: 414

    Followers: 221,179

    Leroux is not only Alex Morgan’s close friend, but she’s also a gold medal-winning forward on the U.S. National soccer team and a star for the Seattle Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League.

    Her Instagram is a mix of just about everything, from her dog to high fashion to getting tattoos, to working out on the soccer field… to even dressing up in tutus with Morgan to support the men’s team during the World Cup. She’s not as popular as her good friend — and really, who is? — but on the ‘gram she’s just as talented.

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  • Serena Williams
    Serena Williams


    Posts: 110

    Followers: 640,426

    Williams isn’t at the top of her game on the courts just yet — she was knocked out of Wimbledon by a virus — but you would never know that by her Instagram account, where the best women’s tennis player of all time is always living the life. Vacation selfies, on-court shots, chilling with Greg Oden (!)… it’s all here. And she apparently loves the rapper Common, too!

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  • Michelle Wie
    Michelle Wie


    Posts: 966

    Followers: 66,293

    The signature in her profile says it all: “Love what you do. Do what you love.”

    Being a celebrity since the age of 10 has its advantages and its pitfalls, but Wie takes it all in stride. On the ‘gram, she pokes fun at herself when she loses, and does all sorts of crazy things: kissing camels, pigging out on bread, posting memes. You won’t find a more comedic celebrity than this LPGA Tour vet, who just so happened to win her first major earlier this year at the U.S. Women’s Open.

    As an added bonus, no one is rocking iD sneakers the way this girl does.


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  • Victoria Azarenka
    Victoria Azarenka


    Posts: 470

    Followers: 142,827

    A former World No. 1 tennis player, Azarenka grew up in Minsk, Belarus, before moving to Arizona as a teenager. If you love tennis and you love selfies, she’s definitely the one to follow.

    Even though she’s dipped to No. 10 in the overall rankings as of July, her selfie game is the real MVP.

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  • Allyson Felix
    Allyson Felix


    Posts: 541

    Followers: 134,238

    Felix was an absolute stud during the 2012 Olympics, winning three gold medals in one of the best performances we’ve ever seen in track and field. Now 28, and the winner of four Olympic gold medals, Felix probably won’t reach the heights (err… speed) that she once did, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still stuntin’ on the ‘gram.

    Felix is constantly traveling to exotic places, constantly seeing the world, and constantly rocking fresh kicks while doing it. Just in the past few months, she’s been wearing the Concord XI, LeBron 11, Kobe 8, and the Grape V. She’s a true sneakerhead.

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  • Kaylyn Kyle
  • Paula Creamer
  • Alex Morgan
  • Skylar Diggins
  • Lindsey Vonn
  • Sydney Leroux
  • Serena Williams
  • Michelle Wie
  • Victoria Azarenka
  • Allyson Felix

Between World Cup soccer, the Olympics, swimming, and the WNBA, there is more attention on women’s sports than ever before. That’s amplified by social media, where fans get a window into an athlete’s off-the-field circle. And in fact, while stars like LeBron and Neymar and Kaepernick are interesting to follow on Instagram, it’s actually the ladies that make use of its full potential. There aren’t as popularity; they aren’t mobbed wherever they go; and so it stands to reason that their Instagram accounts offer a closer look at their lives.

Today, we’re counting down 10 of the best female athlete follows on the ‘gram.

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