She Got Game: 5 Shoes for the Stylish Female Sneakerhead This Summer

The ladies need to be laced with sneaker heat just as much as the fellas do. It’s a good thing that they can count themselves lucky that so much good stuff is available for the summer.

Once upon a time, if you were big into collecting shoes, you could probably go most of your life without running into a female your age that had just as much love for the game as you did. But as the years have gone on and as more and more women have started to heavily influence both the style and products of the genre, things have changed. Nowadays, there are a lot of women out there like Ashanti, girls who simply enjoy rocking Air Jordans or the latest hyped sneaker. But beyond that, we have others like Va$htie, a style connoisseur who became the first woman to EVER collaborate on a special sneaker with the Jordan Brand. Heck, we’ve even seen women outside of this country who have so much knowledge and love of the game that they’d put you and any one of your friends to shame.

With the summer here, girls should be getting their rotation squared away for all of the fun that’s about to start. School is out. Pools are opening up. Everyone wants to go have fun in the sun. Just don’t do it in last year’s kicks.

From the Nike Roshe Run to the new adidas Ultra Boost, in this edition of She Got Game, here are 5 Sneakers for the Stylish Female Sneakerhead This Summer.

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image via @nikesportswear