She Got Game: 10 of Fall’s Most Important Female Sneakerheads

  • Sophia Chang female sneakerheads


    Sophia Chang

    Instagram: 52.2k followers
    Besides inarguably being born in the best year of genesis (1988) and hailing from the borough of Queens, Chang has been making waves in the world of illustration and design for some time now. Her resume and portfolio are only bested by her knowledge of the culture that she grew up on. She’s worked with PUMA on a nifty sneaker collaboration and you can follow her on Instagram to see her latest work, including pictures of her amid formidable players in the industry, and many more sightly put-togethers. Good taste is lead by a good eye and, no doubt, Sophia Chang has it.

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  • @vashtie


    Instagram: 248k followers
    Vashtie, dubbed as Downtown’s sweetheart, is truly a renaissance woman. Just as it’s hard to define what exactly a creative director does through a single definition, it’s hard to pinpoint one thing that Vashtie does best without stealing attention away from the slew of other things she also does best: creating, directing, DJing, modeling…her hustle is incomparable to anyone but her own and the visions she’s seen materialized should inspire not just young women out there but everyone alike. She regularly strings the heat that she creates under the #violettenewyork guise with a good cause, which endears her to her followers even more.

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  • Teyana Taylor sneakers Patrick Ewing


    Teyana Taylor

    Instagram: 2m followers
    From her earliest days making splashes with Pharrell and his Billionaire Boys Club collective to later working in-studio with Kanye and the rest of Good Music, Taylor has worked her way up to seasoned vet status. For the better, she’s redefined feminine grace and what it means to be a young boss in the industry. When asked about sneakerheads she looks up to, Janelle Morgan (She Got Game alum) didn’t hesitate to say Teyana Taylor. Taylor took the clothes that the boys were wearing–like her beau Iman Shumpert of the Cleveland Cavaliers–and dressed them up even better.

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  • Kayce Kirihara female sneakerhead


    Kayce Kirihara

    Instagram: 105k followers
    Kayce Kirihara has been killing ‘em long enough now to earn her a gig as “brand ambassador.” Her love for sneakers probably stems from her love for the game. She is a proud basketball alum at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and her Instagram sees her highlighting not just her sneaker collection, which very few do better, but also a celebration on womanhood and what it means to be your own boss.

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  • Princess L female sneakerhead


    Princess L

    Instagram: 21.2k followers
    The only thing more obvious than her sneaker collection or the ease with which she styles a pair of Nikes or Jordans is her love for the Oakland Raiders. She not only flaunts her sneakers and style with grace and ease, she also highlights her accomplishments as a young woman, leading the charge amongst all the ladies on this list that the jewel they possess is multifaceted–being a sneakerhead isn’t the end-all, be-all. But it definitely is a add-on that we don’t mind at all.

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  • Love Tasha female sneakerhead


    Love Tasha

    Instagram: 24.1k followers
    When it comes down to on-trend releases, very few ladies get it as good as @lovetasha does on Instagram. Whether it’s a pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts or the Nike Tech Pack Huarache, @lovetasha keeps a foot ahead of the rest of the competition. Her kick game comes first, always, but when she isn’t busy uploading formidable sneaker pics, serene waterfront views or young-love couple #selfies dominate.

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  • @jcheyenne_

    Janelle Morgan

    Instagram: 25.6k followers
    Janelle Morgan is one of the youngest ladies on this list but what she lacks in terms of age, she makes up with wisdom in sneaker knowledge and history. Her bio references He Got Game’s Jesus Shuttlesworth, and variation in her sneaker brand lineup is second to none. She brings the enthusiasm of a young’n just starting out and the knowledge of an OG. She has all of the followers and influence she deserves and we can’t wait to see what more she’ll blossom into.

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  • @uglymely


    Instagram: 45.1k followers
    While too much sneaker plug-ins can feel at times being too saturated, Amel of UglyMely instagram gives you insight to the person wearing the kicks as much as the kicks she’s wearing. She’s published her very own photobook on her passion and was invited by Reebok to offer her take on their MID Betwixt model. She brings Parisian chic, that terms is thrown out regularly without much meaning anymore, to the sneaker community, and her influence on the game seem to be growing more and more.

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  • @britta_ruth920

    Britta Ruth

    Instagram: 43.8k followers
    If you ever need inspiration in how to optimally take a sneaker pic with a perfect background or setting then Britta Ruth should be one of the first people you go to for advice. She strips away the “dude influence” from your typical sneaker photoshare and interprets it in a feminine, athleisure proto-method that’s been made famous by the likes of Adrianne Ho and Christina Paik. Beside that relation, her sneakers and style stem solely from her self-expression, as she simply put to Complex that “We all deserve the joy of finding our own style.”

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  • @_christinapaik

    Christina Paik

    Instagram: 52k followers
    Christina Paik is the influencer and eye behind some of your favorite high-end fashion photography of late. A deep dive into her Instagram page and you’ll see passion playing out at its finest. What separates her from the rest of the lot is that she is, in my opinion, well ahead of the game by being ahead of the future. The bridging of high-end styles with streetwear isn’t entirely new but Paik’s take on the matter is inspiring to say the least.

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  • Sophia Chang female sneakerheads
  • Teyana Taylor sneakers Patrick Ewing
  • Kayce Kirihara female sneakerhead
  • Princess L female sneakerhead
  • Love Tasha female sneakerhead

What better time to shift perception and put things into perspective, especially in the sneaker community, than now? Soon, we may have our first female president and the only question at issue should be is why have we waited until now for the moment? Progress can be a slow process in the real world but in the sneaker world, ladies have been rightfully garnering more and more respect and attention for their collections and the way they piece them together with their style. This is no Venus on Mars trade-off; this is recognition that no one does it better than the get ‘em girls…you know, the Vashties and the Sophia Changs who’ve been doing it long enough now to lead the new world order in the sneaker community.

Female sneakerheads are no different than their male counterpart in terms of their willingness to go the extra mile and more to make sure that they get their feet into the most hyped releases. This isn’t excluded to just the extra effort of attaining the latest and greatest, no, there are ladies out there creating, working with big-name brands on their designs.

These tastemakers lend their influence in more ways than just one, and with the Back to School season putting the spotlight on those out their setting and making trends, we’ve rounded up some of the Fall’s Most Important Females Sneakerheads for you to keep a lookout for to garner both inspiration and in case you want to up your gamesmanship in the sneaker community.

image via Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images