She Got Game: @Jcheyenne_ Answers the Essential Questions for Female Sneakerheads

  • Air Jordan 3


    What’s a sneaker that every female should have in her rotation and why?

    I think any pair of IIIs should be in any girl’s sneaker rotation. IIIs are always the best go-to shoes and also my favorite sneakers.

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  • Air Jordan 3


    Is it difficult to rock sneakers with some of the more popular women’s fashion trends? Why or why not? And how do you combat that?

    Sneakers are really staring to become more fashion trendy especially since I’ve been noticing that brands are coming out with sneakers that are more trendy so it’s actually getting easier to rock sneakers with almost anything.

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  • Iman Shumpert, Teyana Taylor


    What stylish female entertainers/celebrities do you find yourself modeling your style after? Who is really killing it right now?

    I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from Teyana Taylor, Karrueche, Seiko, and a lot of urban/underground brands. More TT than anyone because she’s a very well-known celebrity female sneakerhead so I really look up to her and what she rocks with her shoes and then try to put my own twist to it.

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  • Sneaker release lines

    Soletron/Flickr Creative Commons

    How are release days different/the same for you than they are for male sneakerheads?

    Everyone thinks that just because us females have smaller feet that it’s “easier”  for us to get shoes…No. Although we might not go through the same thing men go through it’s still a struggle to get certain releases (especially hyped-up ones.) We also have to do raffles or wait in line/camp because sometimes GS sizes are first-come, first-serve. And now since they extended some of the GS/women’s shoes, we now have to compete with small foot men. So yes, we have our own struggles just like men.

    image via Soletron/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • Air Jordan 14 Low remastered 2015

    Jordan Brand

    What sneakers are you looking forward to getting in 2015?

    Since JB dropped what shoes are coming out this holiday season, I’m really looking forward to the Laney XIV Lows and also excited to see what other colorways the Kyrie 1 is going to come in.

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  • Air Jordan 3
  • Air Jordan 3
  • Iman Shumpert, Teyana Taylor
  • Sneaker release lines
  • Air Jordan 14 Low remastered 2015

The game is changing.

Sure, some of that is obvious. Spring is finally here — hopefully — and there are sneakerheads everywhere rejoicing about being able to bust out many of the sneakers they had momentarily retired for the winter. You have Kanye West changing the game for good with his first signature sneaker at adidas, the Yeezy Boost. There are new voices, new kicks, new trends, new styles that all feel like they’re about to hop off in 2015. Much of that came together during NBA All-Star Weekend when New York City hosted both the NBA’s biggest weekend of the year and Fashion Week.

However, it’s not just the fellas making moves, either. Female sneakerheads are here making their own lanes and many of them are doing it by being super creative, super knowledgeable, and super fresh. It’s not about just copping a pair of hyped kicks to show out on the ‘gram. Many of these ladies would put your collection — and just about anyone else’s — to shame.

Take Janelle Morgan, for instance. The size 6 sneakerhead — killing it on IG at @jcheyenne_ — reps the West Coast and currently has over 60 pairs of sneakers. (She also owns over 26K IG followers.). She is currently busy rocking her favorite sneaker of all, the Air Jordan III, as well as staying on the lookout for hard-to-track-down colorways of the Reebok Question, Allen Iverson‘s best sneaker.

“A lot of people look down on us,” she says of the perception toward female sneakerheads, “especially on a lot of the newbies that are coming in. But I really hope they let us branch out just like they did, give us the knowledge and hopefully that will work towards keeping the sneaker community strong.”

Well, if her style is any indication, she deserves props from everyone.

We caught up with Morgan via email and asked her a few questions about how female sneakerheads are changing the game this year.

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image via @jcheyenne_