She Got Game: @DamnnEricka on Her Shoe Collection & Sneaker Competition With Her Boyfriend

  • @DamnnEricka

    New Balance

    “I am TERRIBLE at modeling. Believe it or not, you put the camera on me and I get super awkward. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with such a dope brand with a great vision. It was the first time they released 580s for women and they wanted me in on the project.”

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  • @DamnnEricka

    Working With Legends

    DJ Clark Kent (can you say idol) reached out and told me he wanted me to be part of a shoot in the magazine Footwear News. So many dope people were involved and honestly I’m just glad he included me.”

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  • @DamnnEricka

    Soley Ghost

    “I just finished interviewing Soley Ghost at his store in Jersey. Here’s a little fun fact: I did his first interview before he showed his face on Nice Kicks, but it was never released.”

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  • @DamnnEricka

    Wrong Size

    “Oh this is a good one. Three pairs I really wanted and Tyler messed up and got me men’s size 7 instead of GS size 6.5 in each. Super appreciative, but also super heartbroken that they’ll be too big on me.”

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  • @DamnnEricka

    Maize VII

    “My first time wearing this pair of Maize VIIs (I have about three pairs now) was for this shoot. I had to represent!”

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  • @DamnnEricka

    Morning View

    “Not too sure what to say so interesting about this picture. It’s off the balcony at Tyler’s house; his room overlooks a lake and it’s really pretty in the morning.”

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  • @DamnnEricka

    Sneaker Freaker

    “I took this for Sneaker Freaker when I was 19; I believe I had just hit 30k views on YouTube and they reached out to me. It will forever be one of my favorite interviews because such a big publication reached out when I was barely started.”

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  • @DamnnEricka

    Sand IV

    “I had a friend with these Sand IVs back when I was in middle school and she used to let me borrow them. I made sure as soon as I came across my size a few years ago to cop ’em just because that’s a memory I’ll never forget.”

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  • @DamnnEricka

    Old Favorite

    “MY MOST CLASSIC PICTURE EVER! This was before YouTube so I believe I was 18 at the time and the picture blew up online. It was everywhere from Tumblr to random blogs but I don’t think anyone really knew who I was at the time. I’ve shot on these tracks many times since then but this will forever be my favorite.”

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As a prominent sneakerhead YouTuber, @DamnnEricka understands how to build a brand. Living back and forth between Long Island, New York, and Kissimmee, Florida, her sneaker collection can match many of the most popular sneakerheads on the Internet. She has the stats to show for it too, with 46K Instagram followers and 40K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

“I’ve always had sneakers,” she says. “My parents were pretty young so they kept me laced since I was a baby. I didn’t actually start collecting until I was about 15 or 16 when my friend got a job at Champs Sports. (Ironic, huh?) We made a bet on who would get the most sneakers and I just went off. I always said he was the start of my collecting days and even though I’ve tried plenty of times to stop it just isn’t happening.“

Ericka now owns around 350 pairs, and that’s just off a mental estimate. She ran out of room in her house, so she started shipping some of her sneakers to her boyfriend’s house, where they are in the process of creating a sneaker room.

Her boyfriend is Milwaukee Bucks point guard Tyler Ennis, who has a pretty strong sneaker collection as well. A rivalry has since developed between the two.

“Quality-wise I’ll win because I’m into the older stuff,” she says, “but quantity he’s either getting close or just passing me. I always tell him it’s cheating being that Jordan Brand sends them to him but he doesn’t let me make excuses. We’re actually super competitive with each other when it comes to just about everything, but this rivalry we have going on when it comes to sneakers gets pretty serious. He loves the fact that I do my own thing. When I told him I was thinking about starting back up on YouTube he fully supported my decision and offered to help in any way he could. It’s cool to have someone that understands and supports me. It’s not easy trying to build a brand, especially in a field that’s dominated by men, so having that support system is everything.”

In this edition of She Got Game, Champs Sports caught up with @DamnnEricka to learn more about some of her best shots on Instagram.



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