Robert Griffin III’s Most Spectacular Plays

  • High school TD pass with defender on his back

    RG3 has been making highlights since he was a teenager at Copperas Cove High School. Here he throws a strike to the corner of the end zone off a bootleg, and does it all with a defender hanging on his back. Crazy.

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  • Pass and catch on the same play at Baylor

    RG3 was a dynamo at Baylor, putting up incredible numbers and winning a Heisman Trophy in 2011. In 2010, RG3 came back from a serious injury to stick opposing defenses for big numbers, but he truly skyrocketed in his final year with the Bears. Check these numbers out: 4,293 yards passing, 37 touchdowns to only six interceptions, and another 10 TDs on the ground.

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  • 24-yard Alamo Bowl touchdown run

    In the Alamo Bowl, his final game at Baylor, Griffin III put the finishing touches on a storied career and a record breaking season by doing this en route to 295 yards passing and 55 on the ground. Baylor beat Washington, 67-56.

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  • 76-yard touchdown run vs. Minnesota

    In the second-longest touchdown run from a QB since 1940, RG3 ran around every Vikings defender, securing a 12-point Redskins win. He’d finish the game with two running TDs and 132 yards rushing on over 10 yards a carry.

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  • 4th and 10 scramble versus New York

    This scramble didn’t score any points. It probably didn’t decide the game, either. But this is the epitome of what RG3 is all about. As he told me this summer, there aren’t too many quarterbacks like him. There aren’t too many QBs who can make two pass rushers miss and then fire a strike from nearly his knees.

    Washington lost this game after the defense gave up a 77-yard touchdown in the final two minutes, but their quarterback was masterful all day long.

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  • Touchdown fade against Philly

    We all know RG3 can run. We all know he can throw the deep ball. The only criticism people sometimes have is his accuracy in the pocket. This play, a perfectly thrown fade to Santana Moss for a 22-yard touchdown should shut them up.

    Coming in the second-to-last game of the 2012 regular season against Philly, the play helped vault Washington into the playoffs.

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  • 65-yard bomb

    That’s basically a 65-yard throw, and it hits receiver Aldrick Robinson in perfect stride. Too bad Robinson couldn’t hold onto the ball — this was ultimate called an incompletion — but Griffin showed off a cannon on this play. If the Redskins can get their deep-ball game back to the way it was in 2012 (this play actually happened last year), then the rest of the NFL needs to look out.

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  • Avoids four pass rushers

    Even when the pocket was collapsing around him last year, RG3 still found ways to make plays. That extension is something you can’t teach, and when he’s healthy, it’s something the Redskins have shown they will exploit time and again.

    Here against the Raiders in Week 4 of 2013, Washington won their first game of the season after Griffin III led them back from a 14-point hole.

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  • Robert Griffin III
  • Robert Griffin III

Not since Michael Vick‘s early days in Atlanta have we seen a quarterback as electrifying as Robert Griffin III. His rookie season in 2012, when he almost played at an MVP level, was so good, so exciting, that when things didn’t go according to plan last year, some folks might have tried to jump off the bandwagon. Too bad for them that RG3 is back fully healthy again, and if we know anything about him, it’s that the 6-2 leader knows how to overcome adversity.

With three colorways of RG3’s new adidas RG3 Boost Trainer dropping tomorrow at Champs Sports, we’re counting down some of the quarterback’s most spectacular plays, from high school all the way up to the present. Grab the popcorn because big things are coming out of D.C. this year.

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