Robert Griffin III on the adicolorTV Campaign & What It Means to be Original

There aren’t many quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III. From the style of play to the career achievements to the responsibility of not only a team, but also an entire city and fanbase, RGIII has a lot riding on his shoulders. Luckily he can handle it.

Last season was a struggle for the Redskins and their quarterback, taking a step back from 10-6 and the playoffs to 3-13. But expect everything to be different this year. Griffin III is hard at work getting prepared for the regular season, and reports indicate he looks better than ever.

This July, RGIII came out to Los Angeles to film video shorts for the new campaign from adidas Originals and Champs Sports called adicolorTV. He was also sporting his new adidas RG3 Boost Trainer, which is set to drop at Champs Sports this Friday in three different colorways.

During a break in the shoot, I caught up with the 6-2 QB to talk about what it means to be original, as well as his favorite summer vacation.

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What was today all about?
Robert Griffin III: I came out and doing some things with Champs Sports and adidas Originals and promote, have some fun, obviously, do some funny gigs with Lil Jon, Von Miller, even a gig with yourself. That stuff’s always fun, but really it’s about continuing to take this brand where we know it should be.

What does it mean to you to be original?
RG: I think everybody thinks they have a little bit of originality in everything that they do. We all strive to be the best at what we want to be and we look at who the best is and take from whatever they do best and try to add it to your own. I take a lot of pride in being original, but at the same time doing it the right way.

What type of training have you been doing this summer?
RG: When it comes to training, I was an Olympic-level hurdler at the age of 18 so I do some different things when I train to play quarterback in the NFL. Getting in the weight room, getting strong, whether it’s squatting or whatever it needs to be, and running hurdles on the field and throwing footballs, I don’t think anyone else in the league at the quarterback position is doing that. I’m not saying what they do isn’t helping them but for me, the dynamic game that I play, that kind of stuff is unique to me. There are no other Olympic-level hurdlers playing quarterback in the NFL.

That separates you from the competition.
RG: Exactly. Everybody is looking for that edge. The ability to take that and translate that onto a football field… yeah they’ll never be any hurdles but there are times when you have to do extremely athletic things. That’s where I have a gigantic edge while also being blessed to be able to play from the pocket and do the things that other quarterbacks can do as well. That’s where you have to continue to train every day and not think it is going to come easy to you. But when you step on that field, it should be easy because you’re working that hard.

What do you like to do away from football in the summer?
RG: In the summer, I like to obviously spend time with the family but other than that, a lot of charitable things. Philanthropic is the better word because charity sounds a little cheesy but being able to have a camp — adidas helped me put on a Friday Night Lights camp through my foundation, the “Family of 3” foundation. We were able to go out and give the kids shirts, shorts, socks, $150 pairs of cleats for 225 kids. We gave them a lot free gear, let them come out, spend time with myself, Wale, Bow Wow, John Wall, DeSean Jackson, our head coach came out so just really putting on for those kids. That’s the beauty of being a professional athlete. You have the opportunity to touch people in a way that can change their lives.

Robert Griffin III
adidas Originals

What would you say is the best summer vacation you’ve ever had?
RG: (laughs) It’s probably my honeymoon with my wife. We went to Paris, France. We went to Italy. We did a bunch of nice things there. It was amazing. We went to Cancun, and not “Spring Break, party, crazy” Cancun, more like “resort, relaxed, couple” Cancun and it was awesome, man. Beautiful weather. It was a little humid, but other than that, the water was clear as day so it was pretty awesome.

What’s one place that you’ve never been that you want to go to?
RG: A place that I’ve never been that I want to go to is Australia. I’ve never been to Australia, but I feel like the Aussies know how to have some fun. I think that would be a place that would be really interesting to go.

What’s a hobby that you don’t have time for during the season that you like doing in the summer?
RG: I love music, so that’s a thing you can listen to it, obviously, you can find new things. Some other things that you want to do in the music field that you can’t do during the season. I don’t really focus on it right now but it’s something that I can do after I am done. That’s something that I really want to get into.

You have more weapons for next year with Washington. What are some realistic expectations?
RG: Yeah, our expectations are higher than anybody else’s and we want to win a Super Bowl. It’s not about just wanting it. You gotta put in the work to make it happen and I think we have done that. It’s just about going out and taking care of it every week. Like you said, we got some new additions. We have a lot of excitement around us and around our building. It’s about going out and playing and that’s what it comes down to.

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