Hear Me Out: 10 Rick Ross Anthems to Get the Locker Room Hyped

  • 1. "The Devil Is a Lie"

    Featuring Jay Z

    Two MVPs of the rap world link up for a powerful cut that comes somewhat out of left field. The warm soul sample and rousing horns may be somewhat out of character for Ross, but he manages to maintain his “motivational hustler” style with a track that will get anyone to thump their chest.

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  • 2. "Harsh"

    Styles P Featuring Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes

    Much of Rick Ross’ appeal comes from how unapologetic he is, from the content of his music to how proudly and openly he celebrates his success. Always supremely focused, he teams up with two equally brash veterans for this hard-hitting anthem.

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  • 3. "Stay Schemin'"

    Drake Featuring Rick Ross, French Montana

    From the moment you first put “Stay Schemin’” on, it can’t be ignored. Sounding like the lost theme to a movie montage, you can positively hear the hunger from this new school squad as they trade verses. Ross, Drake, and Montana possess the type of chemistry any coach would be happy to have on their team.

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  • Rick Ross

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    4. “Kobe or Ginobili (Remix)”

     Mack Maine Featuring Rick Ross, Ace Hood, French Montana, Busta Rhymes

    “Ball hard” is one of the most overused terms in hip-hop, yet it aptly describes what these assembled artists do every day. Fully aware of their status in the game, they congregate on a perfectly driving synth-heavy beat to orate as only they can.

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  • 5. "No Games"

    Featuring Future

    As a certified boss, Ricky Rozay has made it very clear that he doesn’t have time for games, unless they’re on his terms. To cement this fact, he jumps on one of the harshest beats he has ever been given by long-time collaborators J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. Top that off with a hook from red-hot up and comer Future and you have yourself the perfect rallying song.

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  • 6. "I'm a Boss"

    Meek Mill Featuring Rick Ross

    The Rick Ross seal of approval, much like one from a legendary athlete, doesn’t come easy. So when he does endorse an artist you pay attention. Possibly the most prominent of Ross’ protégés to date, Meek Mill came storming out of the locker room with this ultimate boss anthem. If this track doesn’t get your blood pumping nothing will.

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  • 7. "3 Kings"

    Featuring Dr. Dre and Jay Z

    Upon its release, “3 Kings” felt like a collaboration that came out of nowhere. With three very unique and distinct personalities, how would it work? The answer is perfectly. This is like the audio equivalent of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson sharing the mic with Lebron James, or Joe Namath and Brett Favre trading verses with Aaron Rodgers. Now those would be some interesting collaborations.

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  • 8. "Wish You Would"

    DJ Khaled Featuring Rick Ross, Kanye West

    The trio of Khaled, Ross, and Kanye have all thrived on the haters, using negativity as fuel for their success. They have also never shied away from being outspoken about their achievements and what it took to get there. All of those emotions come together to form this beast of a track, with Rozay and Yeezy in prime strutting-peacock mode as they spike the ball in the end zone.

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  • 9. "Hold Me Back"

    Featuring Gunplay, French Montana, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne

    Using adversity as inspiration has long been a staple of the hip-hop world. Like so many rhyme slangers before him, Rick Ross is no different. Taking the doubters and challengers in stride, he responds in one of the best ways he knows how, by expressing himself musically. Further boosting the original version of “Hold Me Back,” he gets some friends together for some spirited male bonding and verbal one-upmanship. Now that’s how you show and prove.

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  • Rick Ross

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    10. "50 Plates"

    Few rappers today can take command of an intense beat like the Big Boss. And few can make it sound so good. Creating what could possibly be described as “menacing ear candy,” he takes you on a ride on “50 Plates” and gives you a taste of what it’s like to be a boss. Ross sure knows how to empower a listener.

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Motivation is one of the key forces that has driven hip-hop artists to succeed over the years. The motivation to get to a better place in their lives, the motivation to give a voice to the people they represent. Once you’ve reached the place you worked so hard to get to, then it’s all about having the motivation to stay ahead of the competitors.

Built like the most imposing linebacker the NFL has never seen, Rick Ross hit the scene with the swagger and determination of a decorated veteran player in 2006, with Port of Miami. Since then, he has backed up his lofty claims and ambitions with a seemingly endless array of memorable singles (from “Here I Am” to “MC Hammer”) and impressive guest appearances (Lil Wayne’s “John,” DJ Khaled’s “We Takin’ Over”). Officially cemented as a boss (or “bawse”) in the field of rap, the now-svelte Ross has an extensive catalogue that plays like one endless soundtrack for ambition and success.

“Hustlin’” — as anyone on Earth with eardrums can attest — is a ubiquitous anthem that has been featured on TV, in video games, and as a standard rallying song at sporting events. Ross’ T-Pain-assisted single “The Boss” was used for inspiration by both Brian McCann of the Atlanta Braves and Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A former athlete himself, Ross attended Albany State University on a football scholarship. While he no longer puts on the pads and helmet, he continues to be a massive sports fan. Ross is such a diehard follower of his hometown Miami Heat that he had their logo tattooed on his face.

As the Boss’ birthday is upon us, we see it as a fitting time to celebrate his contributions to the game with a collection of anthems that you need in your pregame playlist right now. Here are 10 Rick Ross Anthems to Get the Locker Room Hyped.

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