An Athlete With Attitude? Then You Need the PUMA Trinomic R698

We all know about the usual suspects from Nike and adidas–since debuting a few short years ago, the Roshe Run has already become the definitive lifestyle sneaker, while the ZX Flux might be the most versatile silhouette to come along in years–but there’s another sneaker that’s going to turn a lot of heads this summer. And it isn’t coming from the heaviest hitters as you’d probably expect.

Recently in New York City, we got a chance to preview much of PUMA‘s Summer 2015 Collection, including a few new renditions of the longtime classic Trinomic R698. There was a collection of colorways for the silhouette ranging from grey and teal to purple, pink, and white, to even a pair that looked strangely inspired by the Miami Dolphins. But what had us more excited was a planned felt version of the R698 that will inevitably conjure up images of a tennis ball. Using the same felt material on blue, black, and orange versions of the R698 “Bright” edition also had us hyped.

This is a shoe that debuted nearly 25 years ago, coming correct with a chunky silhouette and molded eyelets. The model sported a Trinomic-packed sole and paint splashes across the heel, as well as soft suede and leather on a mesh upper. The R698 was also ahead of its time, tweaking the model to fit different environments and helping athletes everywhere be “forever faster.” Even in 1991, PUMA understood that cats weren’t only wearing their shoes for performance. They needed to look fly, too. The world’s most rebellious athletes–people like PUMA’s Usain Bolt, for example–are always looking for ways to push the envelope of what’s acceptable, while standing out among their peers. For them, rocking something that’ll catch people doing double-takes is what it’s all about. Don’t be the same as everyone else. Be a trendsetter, a one-man rebellion.

PUMA will soon start rolling out a number of different looks for their Summer Collection, and with Champs Sports in the fold, you won’t have to look very far to standout from your friends. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.

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