5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the Return of the Air Jordan Retro 7 “Bordeaux”

  • Michael Jordan Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux 1992 NBA All-Star Game

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    Because of its history

    The 1992 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando will always be remembered for Magic Johnson’s emotional return after announcing he had the HIV virus. But other than Magic’s feat, it was MJ who stole the show when he first displayed the “Bordeaux” for the first time. It caught everyone off guard because it was a sneaker that was far different from any other pair he had ever worn. It was Magic’s night but of course MJ had to make some noise in some way or fashion.

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  • Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson
    Because of its iconic cross-culture pop appeal

    The All-Star Game wasn’t the only time Jordan rocked the “Bordeaux.” For the music video for “Jam” by Michael Jackson, Jordan wore the “Bordeaux.” The marketing behind this mesh was brilliant. Two of the greatest of all time going against each other in both things they ruled the world in: sports and music. It was one of the most iconic moments in a meeting of two guys at the height of their primes as global icons. You can’t think of a better crossover interaction than this.

    The best part of the video was both guys teaching each other about basketball and dancing. While Jackson wanted no parts with MJ on the court, MJ looked equally as awkward on the dance floor. We will never see two guys with that much appeal from two different backgrounds collaborate like this again. I also wouldn’t suggest moonwalking in a pair of “Bordeaux” by the way.

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  • Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux

    Jordan Brand

    Because of its unique style

    The “Bordeaux” is perhaps one of the most unique pairs of Air Jordan retros. The sneaker was heavily influenced by Tinker Hatfield’s love for African Art. With its black, gray, and deep maroon upper fused with a colorful tongue, the sneaker stood out among the various colorways for the VII. You have to remember this sneaker came around the time when cross-color clothing dominated the hip-hop game. Acts like Kriss Kross had everyone wearing their clothes backwards and wearing different kinds of colors to go with their kicks. So the “Bordeaux” fit right in with the pop-culture scene.

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  • Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux

    Jordan Brand

    Because of the Remastered Program

    This is the second time the sneaker has been retroed since it first re-released back in 2011. It was one of the most popular releases of the year. With the Jordan Brand announcing its Remastered Program, this year the silhouette will look fairly close to the OG version, with the midsole having a more accurate charcoal tone than the one found on the 2011 version.

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  • Jordan Brand

    Because it has a summer vibe

    While the sneaker is really a winter sneaker since its original release date, that doesn’t mean you cannot rock these during the summer. These are some bold colors to rock but if you find the right fit along with it, you can really stand out among the crowd. There should be no reason why these sneakers are not in your cart as soon as they drop.

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  • Michael Jordan Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux 1992 NBA All-Star Game
  • Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson
  • Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux
  • Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux

Every Air Jordan retro sneaker has some history behind it. You can go down the line of each retro and learn about certain highlights Michael Jordan had in them. The Air Jordan VII is without a doubt one of MJ’s most prolific sneakers due to the history and some of the accomplishments Jordan had in them.

When the sneaker released in 1992, it was during the time when MJ was officially bigger than the game of basketball. His signature line moved away from the Nike Swoosh branding and took on the Jumpman logo. Combine that element with perhaps the most successful year ever by a pro athlete in any sport (second straight MVP, NBA leading scorer seven times in a row, All-Star eight times in a row, back-to-back champion, NBA Finals MVP, gold medal with the Dream Team, and many more accolades) and you can see why the VIIs are one of the most sought-after sneakers in history.

Obviously, 23 is a special number in the Jordan Brand and when each shoe reaches its 23rd anniversary, the releases are always on point. Last year we saw a lot of Air Jordan VIs and this has been the year of the VIIs. It started with the release of the AJ VII “French Blue,” the return of the “Hare” Jordans, and now it continues with the arrival of the “Bordeaux” and the much anticipated Marvin the Martian colorway will have you ready to dominate the summer.

The “Bordeaux” was a true standout when MJ donned them for the first time during the 1992 All-Star Game. This is perhaps one of the biggest releases for the Jordan Brand this year and you can bet a lot of sneakers collectors will be on the prowl for them.

With the release of the Bordeaux dropping at Champs Sports today, here are 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the Return of the Air Jordan Retro 7 “Bordeaux.”

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