5 Reasons Why Stephen Curry’s Under Armour Signature Sneaker Has Been Such a Success

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    Playing style

    First and foremost, the Curry One’s success has everything to do with Curry’s game on the court. He sold the shoes by cutting up every defender he faced on a night-to-night basis with them on. Curry put on a show during the regular season and during Golden State’s championship run with a career’s worth of highlights where we witnessed him splitting defenders almost blindingly and finishing at the basket with a graceful finger roll or layup.

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  • Under Armour Curry One

    Under Armour

    Sneaker tech and aesthetics

    Overall, the shoes look good and perform well and what more can you ask for?

    Curry, who may have seemed invincible on the court this past season, does have a history of ankle injuries. An external heel helps both secure and stabilize the fit, which helps if you are prone to ankle injuries. Charged cushioning and Anafoam technology are both things that set the Curry One apart from the rest of the competition. Pressure points of the foot were analyzed by Under Armour to pinpoint the exact locations that needed support. Cool colorways and pattern execution also helps give the shoe a nice, universal appeal.

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  • Stephen Curry, Riley Curry

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    Stephen Curry aka “the baby-faced assassin” is easily a marketable guy. Judging by his interviews, appearances, and Instagram, he doesn’t stray too left from the comforting values of faith, family, and positivity. Curry’s social media handle is also flawless. On Instagram you see @wardell30 promoting his prideful signature kicks alongside co-star and instant spotlight stealer, Riley Curry. These images can have the same impact on consumers that star-studded, action-packed commercials can have. Curry steps to play the positive role model role just as good as he does the game of basketball.

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  • Stephen Curry Riley Curry

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    Riley Curry

    Speaking of the young one, at some point, you had to expect Riley Curry to pop out from behind the curtains or underneath the table. Curry regularly posts his-and-hers/father-and-daughter Curry One sneaker pics on his instagram, which are too cute to overlook. The world can’t stop itself from hashtagging #goals underneath each and every one of them. Curry’s always been a team player.

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  • Stephen Curry Warriors NBA Finals

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    The ring

    Lastly, let’s not forget the regular season accolades and, more importantly, the championship trophy. Everyone wants to emulate a champion so no matter what Stephen Curry wears at this point, chances are sales are going to skyrocket. Under Armour had the foresight of signing him and giving him his first signature shoe before anyone else did, so props to them and props to Stephen Curry for inspiring us all and showing us that, yes, hard work does pay off.

    Enter the obligatory world of “none of this would’ve happened if it weren’t for my teammates and coaching staff believing in me.” Besides being favored by the basketball gods, Curry’s supporting cast on the floor and on the bench held him down whenever their numbers were called. These days, every great player has their own signature shoe but not everyone has the amazing supporting cast that Curry’s been blessed to be surrounded with— Stephen Curry and the Curry Ones haven’t experienced big moments alone. While great by themselves, they’re even better when the squad’s around.

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  • Stephen Curry crossover
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  • Stephen Curry, Riley Curry
  • Stephen Curry Riley Curry
  • Stephen Curry Warriors NBA Finals

In 2010, LeBron James, who was without a doubt the best player in the world then, took less than the maximum salary to up his chances of winning an NBA championship by playing with the Miami Heat. The part where he took less money was more than an unselfish move on his part; it was seen as a smart business move looking at it over the long-term. A championship would not only solidify his legacy as one of the best in the game, it would also expand the LeBron James stock globally, affording his brand more revenue than it would have otherwise if he’d remained championship-less.

That analogy plays true in some part with the reigning king of the court, Stephen Curry. Before the MVP award and the hauling off of the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy, Stephen Curry was already being called the future face of the NBA, but he proved with his matchless ball-handling skills and quick release (not to mention his accuracy) that the future is now. Under Armour, busy making their own play in the sportswear market, were among the first to co-sign Curry by believing in his self-actualization and giving him his first signature shoe. This was before the “Patron Saint of the Underdog” made his indelible mark on the league as an unstoppable force on the offensive end.

Now, you too can celebrate with Curry and Dub Nation by purchasing the UA Curry One Low “Finals” edition expected to drop on July 17 at Champs Sports. In the meantime, give yourself a little lesson here on why some shoes succeed and others don’t.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Stephen Curry’s Under Armour Signature Sneaker Has Been Such a Success.

image via Under Armour