10 Reasons Why Sneakerheads Love the Spring

  • Air Jordan 4

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    Warm weather

    After a cold and dreadful winter, it is about time we have some warm weather on the horizon. As the warm weather takes shape, it is time for those sneakers you put on a winter hiatus to make an appearance.

    image via Jon Magotch/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • Nike LeBron 11 Low, Nike KD VI, Nike Kobe 9
    Sneaker brands get creative

    As in any holiday or season release, brands get really creative in finding ways to connect consumers with the given period of the year. Easter has always been one of the best holidays to build around because there is so much you can do when it come to sneaker releases. Last year Nike released three Easter-inspired versions of the LeBron, Kobe, and KD signature kicks two days before the holiday.

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  • Sneaker release lines

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    Sneaker releases

    To start off 2015 we have seen some dope sneaker releases already. Just about every signature basketball player dropped a new colorway for their sneakers just in time for the All-Star Game. Following suit, the Jordan Brand released “Legend Blue” and “Tech Grey” Air Jordan IV colorways and the “French Blue” colorway of the Air Jordan VII. Also, a couple of Air Jordan Xs were released.

    Now the next group to look forward to this spring is the Nike LeBron 12 EXT “Wheat,” the Nike LeBron 12 Low, the one dubbed the “LeBonold Palmer,” and the Kobe X “Vino” and “Silk Road” colorways.

    Every signature athlete has a theme throughout their signature series and for KD, his has been his theme of weather. Nike will be releasing the KD7 “Weatherman,” along with the Easter Colorways.

    Also making an appearance is the return of the Reebok Kamikaze II, and a few other standouts from Nike Sportswear. And oh…the Jordan Brand team is not done as they will be releasing the very underrated Air Jordan XX, a “Double Nickel” edition of the X, and the “Marvin the Martian” VIIs.

    image via Soletron/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • sneakers style spring



    It is pretty tough to build up a credible outfit during the winter when all you are wearing is layers. Spring is the first time of the year where people can actually see what you are wearing.

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  • Big Sean

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    Music releases

    To be honest, 2014 was kind of a weak year for music in the sense that not a lot of the big names in rap released an album. But after a hiatus this spring might be hotter than the summer when it comes to music releases. While guys like Big Sean and Drake have put out albums, next up on the list is Kanye, Wale, Meek Mill, and Kendrick Lamar. Talk about some heat in your headphones.

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  • Playground basketball

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    Playing ball outside

    Having gym access in the winter is an extreme luxury. But for those who don’t, it sucks to be locked up inside while your focus is on improving your game. Once the spring comes all of that changes as it is time to make an appearance on your home court.

    image via Vadim Lavrusik/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • Stance Socks NBA All-Star Game
    Sock game strong

    If you haven’t noticed, socks are “in” right now. The days of wearing whatever pair of socks is over. The guys at Stance Socks have much to do with that as they have put out some solid releases the past few months. Thanks to a couple partnerships with NBA players like Dwyane Wade, the brand is a major player in the game, especially after NBA All-Star Weekend.

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  • Easter basket

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    For me, personally, Easter was the second version of Christmas. While the candy was awesome, I knew that my parents were getting ready to buy me a new pair of kicks each time the holiday came around. Make sure to be on the lookout for more information on releases as we get closer to Easter.

    image via Jake Bellucci/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • Devin Booker, Theo Pinson

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    March Madness and the NBA Playoffs

    As a basketball fan, it doesn’t get better than the spring time. With March Madness in full effect and the NBA playoffs starting in April the excitement has never been more real.

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  • Street sneakers

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    Wearing bright colors

    We are in a new age where it is okay to be as artistic as possible without catching any flack. Instead of wearing the normal solid colors, try and be different and wear some bold colors you thought you would never wear. You are definitely going to get some respect by standing out.

    image via Raúl González/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • Air Jordan 4 "Cool Grey"
  • Nike LeBron 11 Low, Nike KD VI, Nike Kobe 9 "Easter" Collection
  • Sneaker release lines
  • sneakers style spring
  • Big Sean
  • Playground basketball
  • Stance Socks NBA All-Star Game
  • Easter basket
  • Devin Booker, Theo Pinson
  • Street sneakers

Let’s face it, this has been a brutal winter. Some places like Boston got hit hard with snow that made the city look like something out of an ice age. But as always, all things must come to an end. For sneakerheads, the winter isn’t exactly the best season to wear your best pair of kicks. Don’t get me wrong, the winter sneaker releases have been pretty awesome this year with a full slate of new signature sneakers and other significant releases. But it is still very hard to actually go out and showcase them the way you want. Odds are you haven’t worn your best kicks for the past three months. But now it is time to rejoice because spring is right around the corner.

Spring is the best season of the year.

Springtime makes everything better. People are just generally happier when the frigid weather is gone. Being a sneakerhead around the clock can be a full-time thing and we’re looking to highlight why the spring is such a great time of the year for people who love sneakers. We wrote back in November about why sneakerheads love the holidays and now it is time to give some love to the spring. From creative releases to the clothes, to the warm weather to everyone dusting off all the kicks and clothes they retired, there might not be a more entertaining time of the year to be involved in this culture.

As we anticipate the end of winter, we’re taking a look at 10 Reasons Why Sneakerheads Love the Spring.

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