5 Reasons to Rock Timberland Boots Right Now

  • Mobb Deep The Infamous back cover
    1. Its Storied History in Hip-Hop

    Hip-hop’s earliest glory moments undoubtedly came in the early-to-mid ’90s when its dominion over TV and airwaves began. Some of the most iconic hip-hop photographs from the early ’90s not only focused in on some of the genre’s greatest stars ever, they also first revealed (through OG consumer-based marketing) Timberland’s place in the fashion market; the liner of Mobb Deep’s The Infamous album; a stocky Biggie Smalls Versace-shades-couch-and-caning-it; Tupac graced in them on multiple occasions (lastly during his Coachella hologram performance); Wu-Tang Clan originating the meaning of #squadgoals in their repeated crew-pics; an Illmatic-young Nas affirming himself as a street prophet; and Jay Z just epitomizing cool. None of this was part of Timberland’s marketing strategy; rather it was street culture freely embracing the boot as a hip-hop lifestyle fixture.

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  • Shayne Thomas/Flickr Creative Commons

    2. Function Over Everything

    Timberland’s commitment to “integrity” is as old as the brand itself. Before it was ever picked up and considered as a “fashionable boot,” the Abington-based company had its roots inserted in the rugged workwear market, meaning there isn’t a terrain or weather condition that the old reliable can’t handle. Whether you’re drudging away in a steel plant working construction, trudging through a harsh snow day, dashing through tropical rainfall, or simply walking to the locker room before a game–you ought to feel clean after a hard day of work–one thing you can trust to keep your feet protected and dry are a solid pair of Timbs with waterproof top leathers and slip resistant rubber outsoles.

    image via Shayne Thomas/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • Timberland boots


    3. Easy Versatility

    Whether you’re in full Nirvana-enraged grunge mode with your flannels and ripped jeans or you’re hitting the streets hard monochromatically, Timbs are the perfect calling. Don’t believe me? Just type in “Timberland Fashion” in your Google search engine, scroll over to images, and feast your eyes on the many different ways you can dress up or dress down a pair of Timbs. You’ll find not only celebrities but also fashionable people from all over the world effortlessly styling a pair.

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  • Raekwon Timberland boots


    4. Always In Style

    Drake is no doubt the most meme-deserving artist there is but you have to credit him for trying to revive the baggy jeans and ’90s fashion look. While fashions swiftly come and go, a crisp pair of Timbs lives in the stronghold of things that will never go out of style. While the company regularly collaborates with fashion and streetwear brands, its staying power is stronger than the transitory force of any trend. Don’t believe us, just ask one of the immortals, “The Chef” Raekwon.

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    DeclanTM/Flickr Creative Commons

    5. Celebs Can't Get Enough of 'Em

    Not solely for hip-hop heads, the boot is a casual go-to (trusted and worn) for the entire Kardashian clan (including North West), Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, and just about any other celebrity that knows what’s good for them. Mixing high fashion with a pair of Timbs creates a balance that’s sweeter than Ben & Jerry. You can take a style cue from your favorite celebrity but ultimately it’s how you style them that matters.

    image via DeclanTM/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • Mobb Deep The Infamous back cover
  • Timberland boots
  • Raekwon Timberland boots
  • Timberland boots

As Ernest Hemingway once put it, “never go on a trip with someone you don’t love,” and in similar fashion, you should never go anywhere, especially when the weather folds, without your trusted old faithful Timberland boots. When it comes to your sneaker collection, your options are nearly limitless–Jordans…adidas lifestyle silos…old Nike Basketball releases. But when it comes to finding the perfect boot to add to your rotation, there’s really only one obvious choice: a crisp pair of Timbs. And it’s been that way for the last 30 years.

Now available at Champs Sports is a versatile Angora colorway that’s perfect if you decide to go fully monochromatic (think Drake’s snow-camo outfit in the “Started From The Bottom” vid) or if you decide to perfectly balance a color-block outfit above your feet. Either way, it’s money.

The brand with the familiar tree logo on its side (a reminder of the brand’s eco-conscious and responsible approach to manufacturing) has come a long way since its inception in Abington, Massachusetts, as a rugged, 100 percent waterproof go-to for blue-collar workers. It wasn’t until it was picked up in the early ’90s as the “unofficial” boot of hip-hop–and on a different side of the fashion spectrum as the perfect complement to grunge fashion–that Timberland asserted itself as a functional boot that was capably fashionable as well.

While fashion is fixed on trends, the appeal of Timbs never abated since their rise in music and fashion culture, nor will it ever. Here are 5 Reasons to Rock Timberland Boots Right Now.