Rapper Sir Michael Rocks: Derrick Rose is the Best Player Out of Chicago

Sir Michael Rocks loves his Chicago Bulls. Seriously, he is more than an avid Bulls fan. The Cool Kids rapper beguiles some of his time rooting for his team that dons its infamous red and black jerseys. He has always been enthralled by the bounce of Derrick Rose and the elusiveness of Michael Jordan. He also cringed every time Reggie Miller nailed a gut-wrenching dagger on his beloved Bulls squad.

Asides from hoops, the Chicago rapper has molded himself into a formidable solo act after forging an indomitable duo with producer Chuck Inglish, in the form of The Cool Kids.

With a series of mixtapes including Lap of Lux and Premier Politics, and more, he meticulously crafted his debut album, Banco, which released last month. His album boasts features from the likes of Mac Miller, Trinidad Jame$, and Casey Veggies.

With a stellar album and a newly improved Bulls team, Chicago is holding its head high. Sir Michael Rocks spoke to The Drop and revealed his top five favorite players of all time, why Derrick Rose is the best player to ever come out of Chicago, and why he’s rap’s Stephen Curry.

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Ok, Mikey. Give us your top five favorite players and why?
Mikey Rocks: Ok, ok, ok. I guess we’ll start at number five. Number five, I’ll start with Kevin Garnett.

KG, he came in hella tall with a midrange game that was crazy. He was shooting midrange jumpers nasty. He was dunking on everybody. He was blocking shots. He was just an all-around monster. He was also on the Timberwolves, which was my favorite team or actually one of my favorite teams back in the ’90s. I used to love the jerseys. I used to love them as a kid. So, KG had a special place with me. And, I actually worked with KG later on in life for NBA 2K. So that was cool. He’s a cool guy.

For number four, I’d have to go with my man Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman was a great defensive player. He was a world champion many times over with the Bulls. He was a rebounding monster. You know, rebounding is such a huge part of the game. Because, you know, everybody wants to shoot the ball and shoot threes and look pretty. But, you know, Rodman was really helping the team win with the boards and the defense. And he had the crazy hair man! You feel me? He came through on his Jean-Claude Van Damme. My man was nuts, man. He was married to Carmen Electra. He was crazy as Hell. He was cool, man.

Now I gotta start really thinking about it now ‘cuz I only have three more. For number three, I’m gonna go ahead with my man Derrick Rose before all of the injuries. Before all of the injuries, Derrick was the point guard coming down the court a mile a minute, and would dunk on your a** from the free throw line. He would cross you and then dunk on you from the free throw line. He would spin off you and give a great pass. He was just an offensive threat that people weren’t ready for. Also, he’s from my city of Chicago. We’re about the same age. So he was just part of my culture and part of me growing up.

Number two, I gotta go with A.I. man. Allen Iverson, baby.

Allen Iverson was one of the first thug NBA players. He came through with the du-rag. He came in tatted up. He wore his chain at a couple of games. He sagged the shorts. He didn’t go to practice. He was crossing you up and making old dudes fall. He kind of inspired a whole generation of young basketball players who were carrying the ball and getting called for travels and double-dribbles. A.I. was just a legendary icon for the kids who grew up in my generation.

For number one, I gotta go with my man Bugs Bunny from Space Jam. Bugs on Space Jam, he played with Mike [Jordan], he went against the Monstars, which was an intergalactic space team of aliens with the best talent from the whole league. He was on a team with Mike, Elmer Fudd, and Porky Pig.

He had the gorgeous girl too (Laughs).
MR: Oooh. His girl was bad! (Laughs) She was thick. She was bad. And Bugs had his own pair of Jordans as well. After all that, I think it’s a unanimous decision that Bugs would have to be the number one player of basketball history. He played alongside MJ. So, MJ would have to be in a tie for number one. I’ll tie MJ with Bugs.

Which player or team — or both — did you hate watching and why?
MR: Growing up, I hated Reggie Miller and the Pacers. I’m in Chicago, and every time the Bulls are coming up on a NBA title, who we gotta go against first before we get our rings? Who do we got to go through before we get to the Finals? Who is it? It’s Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers. Only Reggie would come through and have the whole team fouling. He had them throwing elbows. They were on some bull***. Reggie Miller would come and hit a buzzer-beating three from behind the arc looking all kinds of crazy. He would stick the dagger in our hearts. Reggie Miller was like the devil of Chicago. He was the dude we always had to go through last before we could get our victories. That’s why I grew up hating Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers.

I hear you. I’m gonna pose you this question. Freddie Gibbs once told me that Iman Shumpert was the best player to ever come out of the Chi. Who in your eyes is the best to ever come out of Chicago?
MR: I’d have to say Derrick [Rose]. I’d have to say Rose before the injuries because he’s Chicago born and raised. I remember he was in high school hitting 360 windmills in games and even championship games. Born and raised out of Chicago? It gotta be Derrick. We gotta pay our respect.

I think Dwyane Wade might feel some type of way about that.
MR: Ahh man. Dwyane wasn’t my generation. Dwyane didn’t stay though. Wade never played for us, you feel me? Dwyane immediately got up and left. Derrick came home and Derrick stayed home. Derrick stayed at the crib and played in the arena that he used to watch as a kid. You know, Wade left. So I can’t speak the same for him.

Everybody has your Chicago Bulls ranked as the team to beat in the East. How far do you think they can go with a healthy Derrick Rose?
MR: With a healthy Derrick Rose, we can take it all honestly. I know we got rid of [Carlos] Boozer. I know we just picked up [Pau] Gasol, right? So, I think that’s a pretty decent exchange. Hopefully it works out for us. I think with a healthy Rose and a focused team, I think we’ll have a good chance of making it to the conference finals or Finals.

What’s your favorite NBA or sports punchline?
MR: Oooh. I think I’m gonna have to go with my man Chuck Inglish. My man came through with a legendary line that changed hip-hop. My man Chunk Inglish from The Cool Kids said, “I got this ’89-90. Pistons champ flat. Black starter cap with the hologram tags.” (Laughs) That changed rap for me, man. That was from The Cool Kids “Black Mags.” I think that was the best Pistons line I ever heard. I don’t know if I’ll ever get that out of my head.

Who would you compare yourself to in the NBA, and why?
MR: For my NBA comparison, I’m gonna have to go with Steph Curry. I gotta go with Steph. I’m quick with the delivery. My delivery is sharp and fast. I’m a threat from behind the line, you know what I mean? I’m a team player. I got a healthy confidence within myself. I ain’t ball-hogging, but, you give me the ball, I’m gonna deliver. I’m gonna shoot. I’m gonna shoot it into the goal, or I’m gonna dish it off to somebody who’s gonna make the basket. It’s all the same. Victory is victory.

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