Rap Lyrics That Hypebeasts and Sneakerheads Won’t Stop Repeating This Spring

  • “Fat Joe pockets lean back like a recliner”

    Kid Ink – “Be Real”

    In case you didn’t already know, Kid Ink is a swagger-driven dude. With his sophomore album Full Speed boasting a plethora of club bangers, “Be Real” tops them all. Now, Fat Joe might not be packing as much weight as before. But best believe, if your pockets are sitting on Fat Joe, you have a reason to crack a smile. Now, lean back!

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  • Kanye West, Big Sean KOKO London concert
    “Told him I’ve been on ten since the 10th grade/Got a middle finger longer than Dikembe.”

    Kanye West – “All Day”

    Kanye West, the self proclaimed King of Swag, isn’t at all bashful. For his new single, “All Day” — which is slated to appear on his seventh album, So Help Me God — Kanye reminds us that he’s been on one since he was a young lad. Last time we checked, if you’re in 10th grade, then you’re probably 16. So for the diaper dandys dripping in swag juice, use this line to crush your haters. In addition, make sure you wag your finger a la Dikembe.

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  • “6 man like Lou Will, two girls and they get along like I’m Lou Will.”

    Drake – “6 Man”

    Last month, Drake dropped a bombshell on hip-hop when he released If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. One of the standout tracks from his project includes his ode to the Toronto Raptors’ sixth man Louis Williams. Lou Williams is recognized for his scoring prowess and clutch abilities under pressure. Not everybody can be a star, but there’s always room for a Lou Williams on the squad.

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  • ASAP Ferg rapping

    Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

    “Come get with a dreamchaser, we ballin’ hard like the Lakers/You ballin’ out, you a faker, you prolly catchin’ the vapors”

    A$AP Ferg – “B Boy”

    Lately, Meek Mill has come back in attack mode and called upon Big Sean and A$AP Ferg for his new single, “B-Boy.” All three rappers delivered monstrous verses, especially Big Sean when he said: “I put everything in motion like –ing.” Here, Ferg paid homage to the Lakers and called out the fakers. We’ll assume that he was referring to the Showtime Lakers from back in the ’80s. So if you wanna poke fun at the fakers, hit them in the gut with this Ferg line.

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  • “This the new year resolution/We gotta be the winners 'cuz the rest is losin’/I told 'em get money, that’s the best solution/When you do, wear your rocket like you rest in Houston"

    Fabolous – “Ball Drop”

    Fabolous, who is an avid sports fan, isn’t a stranger to style and swag. With everyone’s eyes set on a successful year, losing obviously isn’t on the criteria. If you want your team to emulate a winning squad, listen to Fab and model yourselves after Tom Brady’s Patriots, or in this case, James Harden’s Houston Rockets.

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  • “S*** feel like Shaq and Penny got back together/You tore the game apart, who put it back together”

    Big Sean – “Blessings”

    ‘Tis the season for peace and unity. If you have any beef stemming back from the winter time, bury the hatchet for old time’s sake. Shaq and Penny were an indomitable force back in Orlando and stampeded their way into the 1995 NBA Finals. Things are always sweeter when there’s no beef involved. U-N-I-T-Y.

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  • “My Js straight outta China like Baby Cairo”

    Wale – “88”

    Wale is a huge Jordan fanatic. The song “88” pays homage to not only Michael Jordan, but also Wale’s sneaker collection. If you’re a Jordan head, you’ll definitely appreciate this line and feel the need to flex on your haters. Baby Cairo also refers to Tyga’s son, whose mother is Blac Chyna.

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  • “She be on that Birkin to Chanel type of name change/She be stuntin’ she be on her Jackie Chan thang”

    Fabolous – “She Wildin'”

    Once again, Fab drops another gem. Normally during the spring time, the ladies will be doing their best to be visually appealing. Just like us guys, looking good is very important for the females. So ladies, if you plan to go hard, make sure you stuntin’ like Jackie Chan.

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  • “Hold up, I ain’t tryna stunt man/But the Yeezys jumped over the Jumpman”

    Kanye West – “New God Flow”

    Kanye West has been on a rampage lately. After inking a deal with adidas, Kanye’s Yeezy Boost sneakers have taken the world by storm. Despite Kanye’s audacious claim, Jordans are still popular among sneakerheads. But, for those who do have the Yeezys, feel free to stunt for the one time this spring with this line.

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  • “I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can”

    Jay Z – “Empire State of Mind”

    If you’re from New York, then you know this line all too well. Nothing will ever usurp a Yankee fitted in New York. It’s part of our uniform. It’s only right to don a crisp white tee with a blue Yankee fitted. It’s not only stylish, but it’s also a part of the New York culture. New York gets the money!

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  • Kanye West, Big Sean KOKO London concert
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  • Jay Z

This winter has been tough. No, seriously, it’s like the cold teamed up with Ray Lewis and just blitzed us haplessly into submission. While everyone has been rubbing their hands together, trying to keep warm, days have been passing by. Surprisingly, it’s March. Even though we’ve reached another calendar month, we’re still being tackled with snow. Still, don’t fret everybody because spring is on the way.

With spring tiptoeing towards our direction, things like March Madness, MLB Spring Training, and of course, the new sneaker releases for this month, will do more than enough to destroy our woeful memories about our arctic winter. In order to fully appreciate the change in seasons, we all need the right music to get us swagged out. Word to Nick Young.

Let’s be honest, the music gods have been mighty generous thus far in 2015. First, Drake ambushed the entire rap game with his new mixtape, If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late. Then, Big Sean blessed us with his new album, Dark Sky Paradise. If those weren’t enough to tickle your fancy, Wale, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West all have albums slated to drop during the first half of the year.

Now, before you decide to run outside, all drenched out in your newfound swag for spring, we recommend you check out a couple of tunes to help you get hyped. These punchy lyrics will help you bring the heat. Here are the Rap Lyrics That Hypebeasts and Sneakerheads Won’t Stop Repeating This Spring.

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