Ranking LeBron James’ Nike LeBron 12 Sneaker Colorways

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    7. "Trillion Dollar Man"

    There’s no such thing as a weak LeBron 12 colorway, but the “Trillion Dollar Man” doesn’t strike my fancy as much as the other options. With that said, the shoe makes sense as an ode to LeBron: It’s not afraid to make waves and be a trendsetter. The lime green used here in the laces and Nike swoosh is dope.

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    6. "Six Meridians"

    LeBron really believes in the massage and how it can help the body recover. These joints take that idea and blow it up. Emphasizing pressure points in the feet and hands, this edition of the 12 uses a lot of the same colors that you’d find on a heat seeker.

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    5. "Data"

    In today’s age, it’s all about the numbers. Analytics play such a big part for everyone across the league that it’s no wonder the game’s best player divulges in them as well. You have to. There’s so much information involved that sometimes it can seem overwhelming yet, interestingly, these kicks are anything but. A mostly black coating makes them ideal for any time of the year.

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    4. "Dunk Force"

    LeBron’s longstanding “Dunkman” series continues again with these ridiculous grey and volt LeBron 12s. James’ signature breakaway Statue of Liberty dunk is sort of like the NBA logo for the new school and so it’s only fitting that a colorway of his shoes would play off that.

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    3. "Heart of a Lion"

    Out of all of the first seven colorways, this one is probably the most tame. That’s part of the reason why I love it. Originally meant for his Miami Heat squad, the sneakers took on another life once James let the world know he was going back to Cleveland. Now they play off his love of the lion, the king of the jungle, and look amazing with long pants.

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    2. "NSRL"

    Complete with teal and silver blocking, along with orange accenting, the “Nike Sports Research Lab” colorway was originally scheduled to be the first to drop. It’s inspired by LeBron and his unique abilities as an athlete; He wasn’t necessarily built in a lab, even though it sort of feels like it. This one gets extra points for having a super unique color scheme. With jeans? These would be killer.

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    1. "Instinct"

    Lucky for you, the “Instinct” colorway is releasing this weekend at Champs Sports, so make sure you have your alarm clock set on Saturday morning. Inspired by the hummingbird’s ability — and check out those colors too — to make split-second decisions at super high speeds, the purple kicks are so flashy and yet smooth enough to work in any situation that I can’t help but put them at the top.

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  • Nike LeBron 12 "Data"
  • Nike LeBron 12 "Instinct"

The days of traditional colorways, and one home and one away sneaker release, are long gone. It’s 2014 and star athletes like Chris Paul are using their shoes as a canvas to convey personal messages. The sneaker culture is popping off like it never has before. Collectors don’t want to see the same colors and the same shoes over and over again. They want creativity. They want something different. They want the stories behind the shoes to match their passion for the game itself.

All of that is part of the reason why LeBron James and his Nike LeBron 12 signature sneaker line is so popular. When Nike officially unveiled the shoe earlier this year, they didn’t stop at just the “NSRL” edition (the leading colorway). They previewed the first seven (!) scheduled to drop in 2014. That’s big, and during the launch delay when the shoes were pushed back for a “cosmetic” reason, having the knowledge of what would eventually come out kept everyone in check. Yet now the time has come. I can’t be the only one super excited.

James has had an up and down start to the season so far. In his first game back in Cleveland, the jitters were obvious. The Cavs lost. And LeBron had one of the worst games he’s ever had in Cleveland. But he’s the King for a reason and Cleveland bounced back with a monster win over rival Chicago the very next night, with their leader going for 36 points, eight rebounds, and four steals. So far, he’s already debuted the “Heart of a Lion” colorway on the court and waiting to see what he wears next brings with it its own sort of game.

This Saturday at Champs Sports, the wait for another colorway will be over. With the “Instinct” edition releasing, make sure you’re ready to cop. This’ll be one of those releases that’ll have you slapping yourself down the line if you don’t pick it up.

In the wake of our rankings of Kevin Durant‘s Nike KD7 colorway lineup for 2014, today we’re Ranking LeBron James’ Nike LeBron 12 Sneaker Colorways.

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