Ranking Kevin Durant’s Nike KD7 Sneaker Colorways

  • Nike KD7 ”Calm Before the Storm”
    7. "Calm Before the Storm"

    Dope concept — showcasing tranquil skies before the coming of an unstoppable storm — and you know that grey is so in right now. But it doesn’t quite stack up to the rest of the releases so far if only because the rest of them are almost all perfect.

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  • Nike KD7
    6. "July 4th"

    His Independence Day kicks are simply clean. I know a lot of sneakerheads that refuse to rock white kicks. If they ever said no to these, I’d have to show them the door. The detailing on the Swoosh and the blue mid-foot strap are perfect.

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  • Nike KD7
    5. "Global Game"

    If you don’t have at least one pair of all-red kicks in your closet in 2014 then you can’t be considered for any type of sneaker award. It’s an essential, like crisp button-ups and turkey club sandwiches. Although he never played for Team USA this summer, the globe graphic on the tongue here is ill.

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  • Nike KD7
    4. "Easy Money"

    Every time I see this colorway, I start thinking about the Miami Dolphins. You do too, right? Ironically, though, the influence for this one is Ben Franklin, the guy who was obsessed with the weather and electricity and the guy you can find nowadays on the $100 bill. KD wanted to be a meteorologist growing up.

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  • Nike KD7
    3. "Good Apples"

    Is Kevin Durant a closet Yeezy fan? It feels like it after we’ve seen him release two colorways that had to be somewhat inspired by Kanye West‘s sneakers. First there was the “Global Game” that compared favorably with the “Red October.” Then recently there was the “Good Apples,” a shoe meant to tie together Durant’s efficiency with the process of apple picking, in a color scheme that looks eerily similar to the solar edition of the Nike Air Yeezy 2. The black base. The red accenting. The mint outsole and inner lining. But hey if it works, we’re not complaining. And it works here.

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  • Nike KD7
    2. "35,000 Degrees"

    This launch colorway was inspired by the temperature of lightning, and while the colors really don’t have anything to do with Durant’s team in OKC — remember, the first Nike KD VI colorway was inspired by a rec center in Durant’s hometown — they are so unique and fresh that I can’t help but love this shoe. Rock the mango, grey, and volt with any pair of pants and I guarantee you will be turning heads. So far, it’s not a question: This is the second-best KD7 colorway yet. We’ll see if this week’s release really can top it.

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  • Nike KD7
    1. "Uprising"

    The latest colorway — dropping this Thursday at Champs Sports — the “Uprising” is inspired by sprite lightning, which meteorologists still can’t quite figure out. It’s quick, elusive, and super rare. Just like KD’s career and his rise to the top. Between the teal–a favorite of ours since the old Charlotte Hornets days — and the volt — the most expressive and eye-catching color in the marketplace — this colorway is so hot that we can’t rate it anywhere but at the top. You better be copping on Thursday.

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  • Nike KD7 ”Calm Before the Storm”
  • Nike KD7 "July 4th"
  • Nike KD7 "Global Game"
  • Nike KD7 "Easy Money"
  • Nike KD7 "Good Apple"
  • Nike KD7 "35,000 Degrees"
  • Nike KD7

Outside of his recent injury that’ll potentially sideline him for 6-8 weeks, it’s been a fantastic year for Kevin Durant. He watched his sneaker sales from last season skyrocket to $175 million, more than Kobe, more than Rose, more than Wade, more than anyone outside of LeBron James. Durant re-signed with Nike for a reported $265-$300 million over the next decade, an absurd amount of money. He climbed the NBA ladder, winning the MVP, outplaying everyone in the league all season long, while nearly leading OKC to the NBA Finals on his back. He developed a deeper trust with Russell Westbrook, and saw the rise of some of his younger teammates, the players that’ll help support him in the coming years as he closes in on a championship. Basically, outside of a ring, the dude couldn’t have asked for much more this year.

The launch of the Nike KD7 was also a highlight for him. With top-of-the-line performance, and a sleek look that’s already a favorite among sneakerheads, it’s Durant’s best sneaker to date. It will go down — most likely, in the end — as one of his best ever. Every colorway has been amazing so far, with a deep story behind it and personal touches inspired by Durant, once again showing why no signature sneaker line sports the depth that Kevin Durant’s does.

This week will see the release of yet another KD7 colorway at Champs Sports. With an all-jade upper, complete with black accents and a volt-infused outsole, the “Uprising” figures to be one of the loudest ones yet. Our bodies are ready, and if you aren’t up on game, make sure to check this out now. We’re Ranking Kevin Durant’s Nike KD7 Sneaker Colorways so far.

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