Ranking the 4 Champs Sports Exclusive Colorways for the PUMA Roma Weave

  • PUMA Roma Weave
    4. Black

    I generally love black, especially on sneakers. Most of my favorite shoes ever, from the Penny series to Air Jordans to even Pippens and Barkleys, all feature shoes that lean heavily on black to look great with jeans. So for these, I wouldn’t say I dislike them; I just love the other three colorways more. Black mid-cut sneakers are en fuego. But lower cuts are tougher sells, even if you know these will probably be the most durable of all of them.

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  • PUMA Roma Weave
    3. Red

    Ever since Kanye West‘s “Red Octobers” first saw the light, all-red sneakers have been driven into the ground. EVERYONE has an all-red edition now. A silhouette with this colorway generally works better with a higher cut, but this one will still have you standing out at the mall. Cop if you want to juice up your fit with a little extra spice.

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  • PUMA Roma Weave
    2. White

    Everyone needs classic white-on-whites in their rotation during the summer. That’s an essential. Among the most notable–the Air Force One being at the top of that list–the Roma Weave is definitely a nice, casual option for those of you looking for something you can rock with the latest fleece or joggers.

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  • PUMA Roma Weave
    1. Grey

    Grey is the go-to right now among the industry and you can thank Yeezy for that one. As Big Sean spit, my closest is all 50 shades of grey right now and luckily for all of us, this grey release for the Roma Weave actually features some different shading throughout the upper. Of the four Champs Sports exclusives, this is the only colorway that offers some counter. To me, there’s no question this is the flyest version.

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  • PUMA Roma Weave
  • PUMA Roma Weave
  • PUMA Roma Weave
  • PUMA Roma Weave

The PUMA Roma Weave is going to be one of the most overlooked sneakers of the summer, specifically because it is so versatile. Dropping at Champs Sports on June 24 in four full colors–black, white, grey, and even red–this sneaker might not be as popular as the Nike Roshe Run, but honestly, what shoe is? The Roshe Run has taken the baton from classics like the Air Force One to become this generation’s defining lifestyle sneaker. Still, with so many sneakerheads out there trying to be unique and different in 2015, there’s room for more than just a bunch of wannabes.

That’s where the Roma Weave comes in, one of the game’s most underrated gems.

The Roma is an all-time classic silhouette, coming from an all-time classic brand. It has its roots in 1968 as an athletic shoe for track and field athletes that featured nylon-suede styling. Over the years, the shoe has transitioned from an on-field one to a more lifestyle shoe, one which now features an upgraded padded tongue, more arch support, a new leather upper, and yes, the aforementioned new blocking colors.

While new trends are constantly infiltrating the game, the summer is unique in that it’s the best time of the year to rock retro looks. PUMA just looks amazing when you’re in tank-tops and cut-off jeans, and on your way to the beach.

Before you’re out copping at Champs Sports, though, make sure you know what you’re doing. Get your game right. Get your swag right. Today, we’re Ranking the 4 Champs Sports Exclusive Colorways for the PUMA Roma Weave.

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