Ranking the 6 Colorways for the adidas Superstar “City” Series

  • adidas Superstar

    6. “Shanghai”

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  • adidas Superstar

    5. “Tokyo”

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  • adidas Superstar

    4. “Paris”

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  • 3. “London”

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    2. “Berlin”

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  • adidas Superstar

    1. “New York City”

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  • adidas Superstar "City" Series Shanghai
  • adidas Superstar "City" Series Tokyo
  • adidas Superstar "City" Series Paris
  • adidas Superstar "City" Series Berlin
  • adidas Superstar "City" Series New York

Summer trends come and go, and even the ones everyone thinks they can see coming don’t always pan out the way we envisioned. But this year, there’s no doubting the industry pull of the adidas Superstar, a long-time classic that’s suddenly earned a boost from a revived “lifestyle” culture among sneakerheads, as well as from Pharrell Williams and his awesome collection. It’s a silhouette that has always prospered because of an almost unparalleled versatility. But for the first time in what feels like years, the Superstar is suddenly “cool” again.

Some of that has to be because adidas’ stock is rising. Kanye West. Innovative designs like the Flux, the Boost, and Tubular. Air Jordan retro fatigue. It all plays a part. Combine that with the designs you see here and you can probably see why people are excited about this one.

The latest chapter of the adidas “City” series will focus on the Superstar, incorporating six different solid colorways for six different sporting locations around the world: Tokyo (purple), Paris (blue), London (red), Rio, Shanghai (yellow), and New York City (black). Taking inspiration from the bold palettes of ‘70s and ’80s adidas training shoes, the shoes also feature special gold-embossed city landmarks on their heels.

Available at Champs Sports, cop yourself some swag before the summer really heats up, and then combine these kicks with some of the hottest apparel currently available to have yourself stunting at the next pool party. Each colorway isn’t for everyone, though, so make sure you know which route to go. We can try to help you with that.

Today, we’re Ranking the 6 Colorways for the adidas Superstar “City” Series.

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