Icon: QuESt Was One of the Most Slept-on Lyricists of 2014

If you’ve been dying for an Icon with a journey, a story, and a mixtape that was slept on more than any other in 2014…well it’s your lucky day. I present QuESt, the 24-year-old rapper whose uniqueness starts right away with his name. You’ve probably noticed that the “E” and “S” are capitalized on purpose. Why? Because his favorite rapper was NaS, who capitalized the S, so QuEST felt it only appropriate to do the same, hence the capital E and S. In his words, “Quest is a common name, I wanted to differentiate myself in some way, shape, or form.” Hence we’re now looking at a lyrical genius called QuESt.

Let me back up that claim, or rather let you hear the validity in that statement. Here’s the trailer to his latest mixtape titled Searching Sylvan that dropped just about four months ago; it cues you in on his story that I mentioned earlier. That’s a must-see prior to listening because it gives you context for the lyrical mastery you are about to hear in the most slept-on mixtape of 2014. If that wasn’t enough, well then you can listen to his latest song “Decades,” with production by Chicago’s Thelonious Martin. Another genius of a song. Since half of you are now new fans of QuESt, it’s important to mention that he recently left VMG, home to Logic and Jon Bellion.

Now onto his style. Let me tell you, he kills it. I’ll start with consistencies, three of which you can see below in the photo from his Instagram. Black kicks — whether they are Timbs, Air Jordan XIs, or adidas — his gold watch, and a gold chain are the three you can bet on. The third consistency I doubt you’ll see in any of his pictures, but nine of 10 times QuESt is mobbin’ with a cup of coffee. Beyond accessories, QuESt’s wardrobe revolves around a presentable look; it’s not too flashy but by no means too humble. To really understand what I mean you’re going to have to take a scroll through his ‘gram yourself. I’ll leave you with a phrase that I guarantee you’ll hear a lot more in the months to come. WiseUp.

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