5 PUMA Lifestyle Products Everyone Needs to Complete Their Fit

It’s been almost 70 years since PUMA first came on the scene. While they started out as performance products, things quickly changed and eventually, Clyde Frazier of the New York Knicks was turning the brand into a fashion statement.

Nowadays, things are again trending up after PUMA released some dope new takes on a few classics during their summer collection, and they’re doing it at just the right time, too.

PUMA is bringing the heat for the Back to School season. From the kicks to the casual jackets, they have a little something for everyone this year. Get your style looking correct before stepping out. Here are 5 PUMA Lifestyle Products Everyone Needs to Complete Their Fit.

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Buy Now: $58.99

A classic sneaker made famous back in the day by Clyde Frazier, the Suede has a legacy greater than just about any other silhouette out there. It can work with any style of clothing and was involved in some of the greatest sporting moments of the last century. Make it yours and reap the benefits.
PUMA Suede Classic

Buy Now: $79.99

A recent release as part of PUMA’s summer and fall collections, this hoodie offers a half-zip option for those September days that aren’t quite cold enough. Available in both grey and black, it’s something every athlete can use going and coming from practice.
PUMA Savannah Fleece

Buy Now: $49.99

One of my favorite looks of the year, the short-sleeve sweatshirt is something both Kanye and Big Sean have worked into their wardrobes. When a couple of the most stylish celebrities out there are hitting the streets in something like this, it gives people like us a little extra confidence to try something different.
PUMA Short Sleeve Sweat T-Shirt

Buy Now: $64.99

I stay wearing joggers, and so does virtually everyone under 20 years old. PUMA actually has numerous joggers available but these are by far my favorite. The zippers on the hip are not only convenient, they also add a little texture and design to something that’s meant to be subtle. I like the contrast.
PUMA Cuffed Sweat Pants

Buy Now: $54.99

I’m always on the lookout for some fresh crew sweatshirts, if only because so many overlook them. Why do I own so many hoodies when these joints are much, much fresher? I’ll never know. Available in a few different colorways and designs, these are perfect for Saturday afternoons at the football stadium.
PUMA Quilted Crew

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