PSD Is Going Next Level With New Kyrie and Marshawn Lynch “Beastmode” Collections

As a star athlete nowadays, style doesn’t stop with sneakers. You can go for clothing lines, for eyeglasses, for socks. And with PSD jumping into the game, now you can go for underwear too. PSD is known for releasing premium underwear that works as both lifestyle and performance product.

Through a mutual friendship with NBA player Mike Miller, Kyrie Irving came on with the brand and has since released his own signature PSD product that dwells heavily on the influences in his life. For Irving, it was an easy choice because PSD is killing it in everything from design to comfort.

“I think the biggest difference for me is really how comfortable it is,” Irving told us recently. “I don’t think that in my short 23-year-old life that I’ve had more comfortable underwear and I truly mean that. That stems from when I’m actually giving product to my family or friends, I tell them that there are other brands out there who say they have the most comfortable underwear but I’m telling you that once you put these on not only will you fall in love with the design but also how comfortable they are. You’re going to want to wear them all the time.”

Now PSD is going to the next level with a new “Beastmode” collection for Pro Bowler Marshawn Lynch. Available at Champs Sports now, the collection will feature designs and graphics that are essential to Lynch’s personal story, as well as underwear that will play off of his football background.

PSD is changing the game right now through their partnership with NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving and now they are gearing up to kill it with this new “Beastmode” collection. If you aren’t up on PSD yet, get yourself acquainted.

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PSD Beastmode Marshawn Lynch

PSD Beastmode Marshawn Lynch

PSD Beastmode Marshawn Lynch

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