Our 5 Favorite Grey Air Jordans

  • Air Jordan 11
    Air Jordan XI

    The sneaker that really started this craze among Jordans, the Cool Grey XI release first dropped in 2001. Obviously, the XI is probably the most sought-after pair of Jordans from the entire line, so you have to think the shoe is always going to look good no matter how JB releases it. But this makeup just works.

    When the shoe re-released in 2010, sneakerheads went crazy.

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  • Air Jordan IX
    Air Jordan IX

    The IX is probably the least loved Jordan out of the first 14. That’s not necessarily the shoe’s fault; it was more luck. Jordan retired before playing in the sneaker, and when he returned, he donned the X. The IX never had any significant moments on the court to help drive sales and popularity.

    But this Cool Grey release in 2002 certainly helped. With the nubuck upper and patent leather stripe somehow working perfectly together, this sneaker deserves shine in any “top Jordan” list.

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  • Air Jordan IV

    A 2004 release, this Cool Grey version of the Jordan IV was a hit from the very beginning. That’s surprising too, when you think about a completely grey-washed upper. Most of the sneakers on this list use a variety of colors as accents. Not this shoe… unless you count the Varsity Maize visible Air unit. Either way, this was a home run from Jordan Brand.

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  • Air Jordan III
    Air Jordan III

    Luckily for me, these came right in the middle of my college wilderness years, when having $300 to my name meant “Hey, I have enough to buy two pairs of sneakers this weekend!” Between my sophomore and junior years of college, I don’t even want to know how much I spent on new shoes. But this release was one I’ll never regret.

    The Cool Grey III came out in 2007 and as a Lifestyle release, it took risks. Along with an all-suede upper, the sneaker has Orange Peel and Sport Red accent colors.

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  • Air Jordan XIV
    Air Jordan XIV

    The second we cop these on Saturday, we’ll be tearing them out of the box and wearing them home. They are that dope.

    The Sport Blue accenting complements this sneaker so well, and while almost every other shoe on this list sticks to traditional colors — grey, black, white — that approach helps separate this release from all the others.

    It’s going to be a fun weekend.

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  • Air Jordan 11
  • Air Jordan IX
  • Air Jordan III
  • Air Jordan XIV "Sport Blue"

Let me tell you a football story.

My dad’s been a college football coach for 35-plus years, and I don’t believe he’s ever been with a team with grey-based uniforms. Yet last year, there they were choosing new uniforms for a Division-III school and while I expected all-black — because, really, you can’t go wrong with all-black on the gridiron — I was somewhat surprised to hear the players unanimously wanted grey.


I guess I should’ve seen it coming. The color has a foothold in popular culture now, and the Jordan Brand has a part in that. Whether it’s the sneakers affecting the kids or the other way around, we know this: we can’t deny how dope grey Jordans look. This weekend, that trend continues with the “Sport Blue” Jordan Retro XIV. The name might be referring to the accent color, but don’t get it twisted: this is a grey shoe. An all-grey upper, with darker grey teeth along the midsole region, as well as a lighter grey outsole and grey inner lining, I’ll be surprised if this release doesn’t become one of our favorites when 2014 is all said and one.

In anticipation of this Saturday at Champs Sports, where the XIV will release, here are our five favorite grey Air Jordans.

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