An Ode to the Nike Air Max, From @glackster

  • Nike Air Max 1
    What stands out about Air Max sneakers for you?
    The immediate thought that fires straight into my head is that visible Air unit, the bubble. It’s so iconic and still looks very “tech” to this day.
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  • Nike Air Max 90
    What’s your favorite Air Max sneaker ever made?
    Super easy, AM90 Infrared, the original 1990 release. But I know I’ll never own that one, ever. The 2003 issue is as close as I will get.
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  • Nike Air Max 1B atmos “Safari”
    Have you ever done anything special for Air Max Day?
    During 2013, I was lucky enough to go to the Pompidou Centre in Paris for the Sneakerball. It was the celebration party for the 25th Anniversary of Air Max. The venue was massive, the complete top floor of the Pompidou Centre and every single person was wearing Air Max. It was a crazy party! The highlight had to be meeting and talking with Tinker Hatfield and then getting him to sign my Air Max 1B Atmos Safaris. Don’t think I’ll get that chance ever again.
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  • Nike Air Max 90
    Were you immediately a fan of the Air Max tech or was it more just the overall design of the sneakers that drew you to them?
    As a kid I was always fascinated by the visible Air unit. But it wasn’t until the AM90 first released that it drew me in and pretty much slapped me in the face and said “love me!” The shape, the panel overlays, the midsole with the infrared wedge wrapping around that bubble.
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  • Parra x Nike Air Max 1
    Why do you think Air Max shoes are so popular all over the globe?
    There’s pretty much an Air Max silhouette and colorway for everyone. Since conception, the range has evolved, adding new technology to each shoe. They haven’t stayed static, I think that keeps the consumer hooked.
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  • Nike LeBron 8
    Where do you see Air Max tech going in the future?
    I’m not sure where the Air Max technology can go in the future, we already have full sole, 360 degree Air units. But that said, I just buy the shoes, I don’t have the designer’s skills!
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  • Nike Air Max 90
    What’s a pair you’re still trying to track down that you haven’t gotten your hands on yet…and what’s a pair that Nike really needs to bring back?
    I’m still trying to find the 2002 Courir Denim 90s, it’s actually starting to get frustrating. So, easy answer on which one to bring back, the Courir 90, with no adjustments or variations from the original, please Nike! Maybe a larger size run though, not just for the small feet this time.
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  • Nike Air Max 1 "Urawa"
  • Nike Air Max 90 "Infrared"
  • Nike Air Max 1B atmos “Safari”
  • Nike Air Max 90 "Infrared"
  • Parra x Nike Air Max 1 "Amsterdam"
  • Nike LeBron 8 "South Beach"
  • Nike Air Max 90 "Courir Denim"

When talking Nike‘s Air Max technology, as we have been doing all day today, you have to include sneakerheads from all over the world. Like @glackster. Proud owner of nearly 13K Instagram followers, where he’s often seen strutting around England in some of the most rare and incredible Air Max sneakers of the last 20-30 years, Nick Glackin didn’t grow up idolizing Michael Jordan the way many American kids did. Instead, he was attracted to visible Air, his love starting in high school while seeing his friends come into school with new sneakers and wanting them, needing them. In 1991, he copped the Nike Air TW Lite II and was so obsessed that he even cut them open to take a closer look at the shoe’s Air unit.

“I never thought of myself as a collector when I was growing up, or even in my late teens or early 20s,” Glackin wrote to me via email last year, “as I always used to wear them ’till they were dead, or I’d skateboard in them and kill them off completely, I never really had a lot of disposable income in those years, I was always traveling or snowboarding, so the latest trainers would tease me from the shelf!”

Over the years, Glackin’s collection expanded into one of the best you’ll find on the ‘gram, and now features hyped sneakers like the Infrared Air Max 90, the Air Max 1 and Supreme “Animal Pack” collaboration, and even the Air Max 1B atmos “Safari.”

Glackin says he doesn’t have an end game, either. He simply loves the sneakers, saying, “Some people collect stamps, some collect fine art, I like sneakers, for me.”

To celebrate National Air Max Day, we asked one of the illest collectors anywhere in the world what makes this tech so hot. This is an Ode to the Nike Air Max, From @glackster.

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