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Major League Baseball’s opening day is the start of a long journey for both the players and fans. More so than the NBA and definitely more than football, the season is a marathon, a sometimes 7-month journey that’ll take teams all over the country. Los Angeles. Boston. San Francisco. Kansas City. With the games going down nearly every day, the best of the best need a strong metal makeup. And the fans? Well, considering the dips and dives, injuries, and hot streaks that take place throughout the course of 162 games, they need to feel comfortable too.

In that case, rep your team this year with some fresh opening day baseball jerseys from Majestic Athletic, the official on-field provider of Major League Baseball.

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Available right now in-store at Champs Sports are jerseys for the biggest MLB fans, coming to you in grey and anthracite colorways from the brand that makes the official on-field uniform for Major League Baseball. Need that Dustin Pedroia red-on-white? Or that home look for Giancarlo Stanton? All of the game’s biggest stars are available.

Baseball players, overall, probably aren’t as well-known for their style as their counterparts in both football and basketball–though guys like David Price bring out the Jordan Brand heat every once in a while. That being said, some of them, like Kris Bryant, still hold it down away from the diamond.

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Now available in-store at Champs Sports are grey and anthracite opening day baseball jerseys and Tees for the biggest MLB fans. Make sure you’re representing the squad this year by grabbing a few to work into your rotation. Though it’s still early in the spring, add in a few pieces like these, especially since the colorways go with just about anything.

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Bryce Harper baseball opening day jerseys

Andrew McCutchen baseball opening day jerseys

Andrew McCutchen baseball opening day jerseys

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David Ortiz baseball opening day jerseys

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