No Days Off: Under Armour’s Eddie Lacy on Offseason Training and What’s in His Pregame Playlist

Eddie Lacy might be one of the game’s toughest running backs, the type of player who would rather run you over than run around you. But he also has a different side to him. He loves cartoons. He loves rocking casual clothing at all times. And he loves busting teammates in Madden and Mortal Kombat.

The 25-year-old Pro Bowler for Green Bay is coming off two straight 1,000-yard rushing seasons. However, the Packers season ended in heartbreak last year in the playoffs against Seattle. This summer, Lacy isn’t taking anything for granted, pushing himself every day to get better.

In Episode 2 of The Drop, we got up with Lacy to talk about the things he wish he knew in high school, as well as how Under Armour is helping him through the dog days of summer by taking his training and style to the next level.

Lacy’s already considered one of the NFL’s most dangerous players and yet isn’t satisfied at all. See here why.

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Why do you think Under Armour chose you to endorse the brand?
I think Under Armour chose me to endorse their brand because they look for guys that have great character and will represent their brand well. They felt like I was that guy.

What goals do you have for the upcoming season? Both individual and team goals?
I really just go out there and play for my team. I try to make the most of every opportunity, and by the end of the game if I have 100 yards and two touchdowns then that’s a good day. I just know that as long as I’m not fumbling the ball or doing negative plays, I’m putting the team in a great position.

During the offseason, how do you juggle staying in shape and taking rest without overdoing it either way?
During the offseason, I think I have a pretty good mix of resting, especially right after the season. Giving myself a few weeks for my body to heal and just relaxing, spending a lot of time with my family. The closer it gets having to come back and work out and train back with the team, that’s when I start to get back in shape.

Eddie Lacy Green Bay Packers
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At what point in your life did you realize you had made it? And how were you able to move past that and keep the drive?
I honestly didn’t know I was going to make it to the NFL after our SEC Championship game against Georgia. That was my legit first game thinking about it but we still had the BCS Championship game a few weeks later against Notre Dame. I just had to put my mind on that, didn’t let it run around so I could go out and have another good game.

Explain your style before a game and after? What is essential for pregame warm-up and postgame style?
My style before games, I usually wear jeans and a button-down shirt, trying to make it as casual as I can but still being comfortable. I know a lot of guys like to wear suits, shirts in fashion, but I’m definitely not one of those guys. After the game if it’s a win, I like to throw my sweats back on and a T-shirt and have a comfortable plane ride back home.

How has your style changed throughout the years since you’ve entered the NFL?
My style hasn’t changed too much. Once I make my mind up to do something, if it’s within the rules, I tend to stick with that. Like I said earlier, a lot of guys like to wear suits but it makes me feel too restricted, so I just like to be as comfortable as I can.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t playing Football?
My favorite thing to do is watch cartoons.

What’s your favorite cartoons?
My favorite cartoon right now is Family Guy but if we go back, I mean ol’ school, I can probably name a lot [laughs].

How much competition goes on with teammates in Madden?
Believe it or not, the guys are very competitive when it comes to video games. I know Madden was one but since Mortal Kombat came out, a lot of guys have been battling each other on that. They tend to have a fun time away from the game.

Do people still call you the “Circle Button?”
I don’t know if people still call me the circle button, maybe it’s more a college nickname so if I were to go back to the University, I might get it a lot.

What artists are currently in your headphones?
The artists currently in my headphones are Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and some Drake.

What are some songs on your pregame playlist and do you have a song that absolutely has to be on there?
A song that absolutely has to be on my playlist is a song called “Holy Grail” by Jay Z but my phone is completely filled with Lil Wayne songs from Tha Carter, Tha Carter II, all the way to his latest mixtape.

Who’s an artist or what’s a song that people will be surprise that you listen to?
Ugh. I have to think on this one. I don’t know the answer [laughs].

What do you look for first when you do go, though: footwear or apparel? Do you hook it up from the ground up or the top down?
Definitely start with shoes. I feel like once you pick out what kind of shoes you wear, everything usually goes a lot easier from there.

Who was your inspiration growing up?
My inspiration growing up were my parents.

If you could play one other sport, what would it be and why?
If I could play another sport, it would have to be basketball. I think I’d play basketball because it’s a smaller thing, you have only ten people on your team probably, and I just want to slam dunk on people [laughs], shoot threes, and stuff.

Who has more style: basketball players or football players?
You know, there are a couple of football players that can dress but I’ll definitely give it to basketball players. I think they go all out, every game.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to amateur athletes that you wish you knew when you were younger?
One piece of advice I wish I could give to an amateur athlete is just pay attention to detail. I know when I was in high school, when you’re one of the top athletes, you tend to not pay attention to the little things because you’re different from most players, you can get away with just your raw talent. But once you get to college, it’s a completely different story and it’s hard to change. Some players can’t change but some players can adapt. Definitely pay attention to details and try to learn as much you can.

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