Nike’s Tech Camo Fleece Is Perfect for Back to School

For a style that’s so in-your-face, it’s amazing how hard camouflage-colored clothing hits among streetwear enthusiasts. Rappers. Athletes. Entertainers. Tastemakers and trendsetters. They all incorporate the look into their style, some more so than others. It’s a timeless fit that can be worn by either sex and works in just about every way possible. As outerwear. As an accessory. In the current climate where everything is centered around greys and blacks, and with the intersection of streetwear and high-end fashion, you can’t survive without camo.

In New York City right now, it’s popping off as hard as ever. However, the rest of the country isn’t too far behind. That’s where Nike‘s new Tech Camo Fleece comes in. Available in multiple different colorways, and coming in both the esteemed joggers pants and hoodies for the fall season, you’re now able to style camo however you want. Black, blue, and original colorways are all available and should help you make just about any sneaker picture on Instagram super lit.

Nike’s innovative Tech Fleece joggers have been trending for well over a year and this new collection gives them a fresh look for the autumn months. Meanwhile, the military-inspired hoodies feature the same lightweight Fleece tech that’s designed to keep you warm without adding on bulk, as well as a long, vertically-zippered pocket across the chest that gives you extra storage space.

While the sneakers are always important and a great starting point, you can’t forget about the rest of the fit.

Nike Tech Fleece Camo Pants

Nike Tech Camo Fleece Hoodie Black

Nike Tech Fleece Camo Black Pants

Nike Tech Fleece Camo Pants Blue

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