These Knit Shorts From Nike Sportswear Are a Must-Have This Spring

Most of us have reached the “I can’t stand the cold any longer” part of winter. Well, with only about a month left until the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to start thinking about updating your wardrobe. Retire the massive jackets and hats and gloves. Bring out the kicks you had stashed deep in the closet all winter. The spring is everyone’s favorite time of year because it’s not too cold and not too hot yet, but that could make for many outfit problems. Do I wear shorts or pants? Hoodie or jacket? It’s tough, but with the release of new knit shorts by Nike Sportswear the question just got a whole lot easier.

The best part about any Nike Sportswear item is the technology that goes into them. In this case, the Dri-FIT fabric helps wick away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable as well as the mesh fabric, which creates enhanced ventilation for comfort and breathability. If you’re anxiously waiting to bust out a pair of shorts these are the way to go. Match them up with the new “Tech Grey” Air Jordan IV you just copped and stunt on everyone this season.

This spring, make sure you’re staying dressed to impress, but also weather-friendly with the new knit shorts from Nike Sportswear. Show them off on Instagram, stunt at parties, and simply be stylishly cozy for the coming months. Grab yourself a bulk load at Champ Sports today. You will do no wrong with these on.

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