Sneaker of the Week: Nike Kyrie 2 “Green Glow”

We knew Kyrie Irving‘s signature sneaker was going to be dope from the very beginning. Irving had the storyline–unique heritage, Duke pedigree, Uncle Drew street cred–flashy potential on the court, and name recognition. Plus, Nike always seems to do well with point guards. From Jason Kidd to Gary Payton to Penny Hardaway, the Swoosh knows how to create basketball products for some of the game’s most talented signal-callers.

Though some others have upstaged him over the past year, Irving’s signature line is still trending in the right direction, especially since his latest sneaker looks to be an improvement on the original.

The Kyrie 2’s construction, complete with the first-ever curved midsole and outsole, is there to support a player who never stops moving, a player with one of the most herky-jerky yo-yo handles the NBA has ever seen. Nike designer Leo Chang describes it “as if your body weight is bouncing off a ball.” The sneaker also features a unique strap which helps on pull-up jumpers by wrapping around the top of the foot instead of the ankle. Zoom Air completes the design.

Available on Wednesday at Champs Sports, the “Green Glow” Kyrie 2 is a great way to kick off the second half of the basketball season. Sporting a mint green-like color on the logo, the outsole, and on an underlay beneath the black upper, this particular colorway looks like it could be Kyrie’s first crossover shoe of the year.

We’re ready for it.

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