The Nike Tech Pack for the Huarache and Roshe Run Is a Must-Have This Season

The Nike Huarache has been the perfect go-to sneaker for this summer. Whether in a crisp all-white colorway or a mobbed-out black version, there’s no going wrong in them. Once a sneaker gets this popular, brands usually try to juice the hype as much as they can, which can lead to the nauseating sight of saturation. But the Huarache hasn’t missed a beat, and isn’t falling into that pit anytime soon, simply because of how pretty–no, correct that–gorgeous they sit. This Nike Tech Pack, bridging the intersection of sports and style, has taken the Huarache and applied to it its Tech Fleece, casting it in a dark grey colorway that’s simply irresistible. Completing the shoe is a black rubber outsole, turning this into what I think is a timeless colorway.

The Huarache isn’t the only silhouette sitting gorgeous on the dark grey Tech Fleece. Another popular silhouette, the Roshe Run makes its return in Tech Fleece. (Remember the multiple colorways that released late last year?) In keeping with the Huarache, there are strokes of black added to the shoe’s upper at the taped toe box and heel. The sole on the Roshe is white, though, rather than black, which adds to the shoe’s versatility.

Both the Huarache and the Roshe are some of the best-value kicks around and are available right now at Champs Sports. Currently on-trend and probably going to stay that way for a while, the Tech Fleece getup is perfect for cooler times that are right around the corner by providing lightweight warmth for your feet. You’re straight whether you go full fleece-mode in these or decide to wear them with chinos or jeans to complete the look.