The Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 Is the Most Underrated Sneaker Release of the Season

The 1990s were a gold mine for hot basketball sneakers. And it wasn’t just Jordan Brand, either. Sure, JB released classics like the Air Jordan VIII and the grand slam of the XI, XII, XIII, and XIV, all of them dropping in successive years just as Michael Jordan’s popularity was peaking. But literally everyone was hitting on all corners during the ‘90s. Just as that was also known as perhaps the Golden Age of hip-hop, you could also argue it represented the same for basketball sneakers.

There was Reebok with Shaquille O’Neal’s surprisingly dope signature line, and then later on with the origins of Allen Iverson’s Reebok history. There was FILA destroying the competition with Grant Hill, one of the original “Next Jordans.” There was adidas and Kobe Bryant, and even other more obscure brands that have since fallen off. We had it all. We were spoiled, especially those of us able to secure a pair of these Jason Kidd classics.

Releasing today at Champs Sports, the Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 is basically a perfect silhouette, and still holds up well enough that you can rock them on the court. But off of it is where the shoe really shines, and if you wear these out and about, you’ll be catching some serious street cred from knowledgeable sneaker collectors. They can respect a shoe like this simply for its understated value and history.

With the holidays here, you’re going to be ambushed with sneaker releases. Don’t fall victim to the hype and miss out on a legend. The Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 Is the Most Underrated Sneaker Release of the Season.

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