How to Rock the Nike Air Max Effort: A Champs Sports Edition

  • Nike Club Swoosh Cuffed Pants
    With cuffed pants

    If you’re going to wear these kicks out in the winter, make sure you’re rocking them with proper attire. What that means is cuffed pants, preferably sweatpants. Jeans? That’ll be hard to pull off, even for someone who knows what they’re doing.

    Right now there’s no better option than the Nike Club Swoosh cuffed pants, available in four different shades, including navy.

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  • Nike Dri-Fit socks
    With low socks

    Every sneakerhead is in love with high socks that sport wild colorways and designs these days. When you cuff your pants, you want to show off what you have underneath. Pulling that move and then coming with some joints you picked up off the clearance rack just won’t cut it. If you’re struggling to find some swag to match with the Air Max Effort, let us help you out with these low-cut Nike Dri-Fit socks. They are perfect for any gym session.

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  • Nike Run T-Shirt
    With a performance shirt

    The Air Max Effort was designed to give you a boost during your workouts, so it’s only natural that you find a couple of dope shirts to match that’ll help you muscle through that gym time. Enter the Dri-Fit “Run” T-shirt from Nike. Get a little color in your outfit to offset what you don’t have on your feet.

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  • Nike Windrunner Fleece
    With windrunners

    With that being said, almost every day that I hit the gym these days I feel the urge to leave a sweatshirt on. For those of us on the East Coast, it’s pretty cold. Still, no one wants to workout in something too thick. The best compromise would be to rock a windrunner, and the Nike Tech Fleece windrunners at Champs Sports are the perfect solution.

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  • Nike Legend Dri-Fit Shirt
    With a long-sleeve t-shirt

    The long-sleeve T-shirt is my favorite winter look. Why? You can wear it with just about anything, at any time, and it’ll never feel out of place. In the gym? It works. Chilling at home? Definitely works. At a party? You’ll look casual and clean. It’s super versatile and definitely works with the Air Max Effort. I’m talking about Nike’s Dri-Fit Legend shirts in particular.

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  • Nike Pro Combat Compression Tights
    Nike Pro Combat Compression Tights

    With cold weather sweeping through the country right now, make sure you’re prepared for the worst with these Nike joints. While taking the Air Max Effort to the gym, these keep you warm and comfortable, and should help you sweat out a few extra pounds without getting damp. These compression tights are must-haves in 2015.

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  • Nike Club Swoosh Cuffed Pants
  • Nike Dri-Fit socks
  • Nike Run T-Shirt
  • Nike Windrunner Fleece
  • Nike Legend Dri-Fit Shirt
  • Nike Pro Combat Compression Tights

Trust us when we say that for the regular gym folks, there’s nothing worse than the month of January. Everyone is out working those holiday pounds off and it seems like the most popular New Year’s resolution, no matter if it’s 1970 or 2015, is to lose weight. The routine you had will be thrown off, consistently, and you’ll just have to gut it out until the posers finally stop packing the gym. Lucky for you, at least this year you can look good while waiting it out.

Today, a new colorway of the Nike Air Max Effort dropped at Champs Sports. Featuring a synthetic mesh upper, the trainer combines the iconic Air Max technology from Nike — which traces its roots back almost 30 years — to the new and modern Flywire. It’s a great contrast of old school and new school, and helps this shoe not only in the performance setting but also as a piece of style. Along with a rubber outsole, this shoe is designed specifically to take your workout to the next level. But in 2015, we all know that’s not a sneaker’s only purpose. Come through with something whack and you won’t be able to style on Instagram. Rock something classic or hot? You can get major props.

With the shoe now available, get put up on game and see how you can wear this sneaker rather than just walk around in it. There’s a big difference. This is How to Rock the Nike Air Max Effort: A Champs Sports Edition.

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