Leader of the New School: @Nightwing2303 on What Makes Stephen Curry’s Sneakers Special

  • @StephenCurry30

    Favorite part about the Stephen Curry / Under Armour partnership?

    “Being a Bay Area native, my favorite part has been getting to see a Warrior with a signature shoe. The last time we had a signature athlete was back when Webber was on the roster – and that didn’t last long enough for Dubs fans to enjoy. An added bonus is that the shoes are fairly available, moderately priced, and perform well on-court.”

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  • Under Armour Curry Two


    What makes the Curry Two a valuable sneaker to wear on court? 

    “Affordable performance. Signature lines typically start at the $140 price range – there are exceptions – and to see one that debuted at $120 while the Two is priced at $130… it’s pretty awesome that you don’t have to break the bank to get value out of your purchase.”

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  • @nightwing2303

    What’s the difference between the Curry Two and Curry One?

    “Materials and cushion comfort. I’ve been enjoying the SpeedForm upper on the Two so far, but I do prefer the Anafoam from the One a little more. However, I love the cushion on the Two much more than the One. So in that case…I’d likely pick cushion over the materials when it comes down to picking one over the other.”

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  • What are the improvements on the Curry Two?

    “Traction. The One had really good traction, but the Two has REALLY good traction. The cushion feels like it’s headed in the right direction as well. I still prefer UA’s Micro G over their new Charged foam, but the Charged in the Curry Two feels awesome in comparison to the One.”

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  • @crabmike

    Thoughts on aesthetics and colorways?

    “I like the way the Curry One looks a little more, especially the low-tops, but I don’t think the Curry Two is hideous. It really depends on the colorway and the color blocking. I loved the Father to Son Curry One, but I don’t like the way the same colors are implemented on the Curry Two.

    “On the flip side, I found the Black/Yellow (camo upper) Curry One to be hideous, but the Black/Yellow Curry Two (dubbed the Long Shot) is simply beautiful.”

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  • @nightwing2303

    Any cool Curry-related stories?

    “I don’t have any cool stories regarding the Curry Two, but the Curry One I do. UA invited myself, along with other media members to the Curry One unveiling event held in Oakland, CA. That was an awesome experience; it was really small and had a family gathering vibe to it.

    “Once we were told about the shoe, the colors and stories involved we were shown to the locker room, where they had gear and kicks ready for all of us to wear-test. Playing ball with Curry there was a great experience and one that I won’t soon forget.”

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  • @nightwing2303

    Curry’s impact in the Bay Area?

    “His impact has been huge. I know fans were scratching their heads when the front office moved Ellis out so Curry could be our main point guard, but it worked out better than anyone anticipated. He’s our MJ, [Derrick] Rose, [Dwyane] Wade, LeBron [James], etc.

    “When UA first started to introduce basketball shoes, I was pretty much the only person in the Bay Area wearing them on-court. Now everybody wears them! The ClutchFit Drive in PE colorways were extremely popular and his signature sells very well here too.”

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  • @stephencurry30

    How successful can the Curry line be?

    “He has dictated his own success with how hard he works on and off the court, and I believe he will continue to do so throughout his career. What I think is great about Curry is his attitude toward his success. He knows the work he put in to get where he is today, but he isn’t in your face about it like other players. He is very confident, but not cocky. I relate to that mentality and I believe it’s great for the future generations to see that type of attitude.”

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  • Under Armour

    What do you want to see from the Curry line in the future?

    “I think what they’ve done between the One and Two has been great, and there’s a clear evolution between the two models. Part of me wants to say that I’d like to see his shoes have some off-court appeal to them, but I don’t want any of their performance to suffer in order to make them work off-court – so I’m not too sure.

    “Plus, I’m such a huge fan that I would wear any of his kicks on and off court just to show support – they could be the most horrendous looking sneakers in the world and I’d wear the Dubs version any day of the week. Only thing I could really say is that I hope they continue to innovate. It’s great to see what they’ve done so far, and I’m excited to see what they will do in the future.”

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  • Under Armour Curry Two

Is anybody having a better year than Stephen Curry? Right now, the Warriors are closing in on the record for most wins to start a season. (Right now, they are 12-0 with a plus-15.3 point differential. Curry is leading the NBA in scoring while shooting a blistering 52 percent from the field, 46 percent from deep, and 92 percent from the line. He also leads the NBA in PER, is tops in True Shooting Percentage for all players currently playing at least 25 minutes a night, and also leads everyone in the NBA in Estimated Wins Added.

Along with a few prestigious accolades last season, he also debuted his second signature sneaker with Under Armour this fall. We recently caught up with the baby-faced assassin in our latest episode of The Drop video series, where Curry and the team at UA were generous enough to give us further details on how the Curry Two came alive. UA has already released some dope colorways along with the upcoming release of the Curry Two’s Black, Grey and Silver editions here at Champs Sports.

Bay Area native Chris Chase also known on the internet and the sneaker community as @Nightwing2303 is one of the best in the game when it comes to analyzing sneakers as the man behind WearTesters. As a Bay Area native, there might not be a better individual to describe the scenes and hype surrounding Curry’s impact and sneaker releases. We had the opportunity to talk to @Nightwing2303 about his favorite part of the Curry/UA partnership, Curry’s impact on the Bay Area, and, of course, the details on the Curry Two.

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