Nicki Minaj’s 7 Best Sneaker Moments

  • Nicki Minaj


    Air Jordan Fusion X "Steel"

    We’re not going to sit here and act like Nicki’s really killing it with the Fusion X. In this picture alone, there’s a lot more heat than what she’s wearing. Yet who’s really going to get angry with her? At least she picked a dope colorway for a fusion sneaker; the “Steel” Air Jordan X is forever one of the most overlooked Jordans ever. But for Nicki? This is just the beginning for her shoe game.

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  • Nicki Minaj


    adidas Originals JS Pink Poodle

    Nicki loves her some pink. She also loves her some Jeremy Scott. The two of them are constantly collaborating and here she’s rocking one of his wildest sneaker designs yet. Imagine seeing her walking around in something like this? I can dream.

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  • Air Jordan 1


    Air Jordan I

    Nicki isn’t the biggest sneakerhead but every once in a while she likes to show off her stuff for the ‘gram. Here, she gets extra brownies points for having a pair of the “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan I. That spicy red upper probably had her turning more heads than usual.

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  • "adidas is all in" campaign

    As part of the “adidas is all in” campaign, Nicki connected with Big Sean, Derrick Rose, Korean pop phenomenon 2NE1, and fashion aficionado Jeremy Scott to produce a dope commercial centered around representing for the individuals in the world.

    While her track “Masquerade” overshadowed everything else in the ad, she was rocking some incredible adidas kicks, too, from the 2012 fall Jeremy Scott x adidas line.

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  • Nicki Minaj


    "Senile" video

    In Young Money’s official “Senile” video, with Tyga and Lil Wayne, Nicki took it back to Cali and dressed down with a red bandana, big earrings, khaki pants, and the classic low-top black Chucks. She can make anything look good, and with her around this song is even halfway passable.

    As Nicki wrote on Instagram, #MoschinoStraightOffTheRunway.

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  • Nicki Minaj

    Sole Collector

    "Anaconda" video

    If you missed this video, I’d have to seriously question your status as a true American. It was everywhere for a period of about three weeks at the end of summer. Outside of the fact that the song is surprisingly good — I think most figured it was a typical pop throwaway — as well as the obvious “assets” involved, the official video became famous on the Internets for its sneakers.

    Between Nicki and Drake with his never-before-seen Air Jordan III, this video was a goldmine for sneakerheads. Nicki also came through for multiple shots of the “Game Royal” Air Jordan VI.

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  • Sole Collector

    "Anaconda" video...again

    Yep, we’re highlighting this epic video twice. No one was too concerned with what sneakers she was wearing here and yet the girl still brought some serious game with the “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan III, which dropped at Champs back in July. Drake, you did good too.

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  • Nicki Minaj
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Air Jordan 1
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Nicki Minaj

I know you’ve seen the “Anaconda” video. The whole world has seen the “Anaconda” video. And while the music video blew up the Internet for a number of different reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with sneakers, we can’t sit here and say that Nicki Minaj didn’t kill it with her shoes.

In a couple of the video’s most iconic scenes, the recently-turned 32-year-old is seen rocking a couple of nice pairs of Air Jordans, nearly outshining Drake in the process and forcing sneaker websites to take notice…and in turn forcing Internet commentators to spew things like “who’s looking at the shoes, though?!?!”

Well, some of us were.

Today, Nicki’s new album The Pinkprint dropped, further emphasizing her status as the queen of hip-hop, a rapper who’s had virtually unparalleled and consistent buzz since she first stormed onto the scene in 2010 with the single, “Your Love.” Now a worldwide icon and pop culture legend, Nicki is obviously known for her style, which centers around tight dresses, sexy outfits, and high heels. But she does have some legit street cred as a sneakerhead, often rocking shoes throughout the years in videos and out and about. Remember that time she got caught waltzing around in the Air Jordan VI, the OG colorway? Yeah, that outfit was SUPER loud, probably too loud for most sneakerheads. But the shoes were on point.

To celebrate the release of her new album, we’re zoning in on some of Nicki’s “assets” that you normally wouldn’t associate with her. These are Nicki Minaj’s 7 Best Sneaker Moments.

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