12 Studs From the NFL Draft That Are Already Stylish Trendsetters

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    A photo posted by Todd Gurley (@tg4hunnid) on

    Todd Gurley


    Before suffering a torn ACL last year, Todd Gurley looked like a man on a mission. With rehab going well, some team is going to be lucky enough to draft an incredible running back who is going to put up some huge numbers. Sticking to digits, Gurley has an impressive 131K followers on IG, which is going to grow in the next few months after his name is called on draft night.

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  • A photo posted by Amari Cooper (@amaricooper9) on

    Amari Cooper


    There is something special about Amari Cooper. His football IQ is a rarity for someone his age. What makes him dynamic is not only does he have the physical capabilities of dominating the game but he wins his battles before the play even happens. He understands coverages and scheme sets and exploits his defenders. Last year, Cooper led the NCAA with 123 catches for 1,727 yards and 16 touchdowns. His IG profile is definitely laid-back like his personality, but he is a guy in this draft class who has the potential to be a superstar.

    Image via @AmariCooper9

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  • A photo posted by Jaboo Winston (@jaboowins5) on

    Jameis Winston


    Say what you want to say about Jameis Winston, the guy wins big. As one of the most charismatic players in the draft, following Winston on social media is really a smart idea. The guy is a showman and loves keeping people entertained. If he brings that same confidence he had in college to the NFL, the sky’s the limit for Famous Jameis.

    Image via @Jaboowins5

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  • Melvin Gordon


    Last year not one running back was selected in the first round. That is about to change. This year, two backs–Gurley and Melvin Gordon–are slated to be taken in the first round. Gordon put up some huge numbers in his last season in Madison and is one of the guys that you know is going to succeed on the next level. He is a natural on Instagram because of his ability to include some dope edited photos of himself on and off the field.

    Image via @MelvinGordon25

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  • A photo posted by Leonard Williams (@leo94_w) on

    Leonard Williams


    Leonard Williams is arguably the No. 1-ranked player in the NFL Draft. He is going to be a force on the next level as a pass rusher. When you have hair that resembles Troy Polamalu, best believe you are going to have your share of fans.

    Image via @Leo94_W

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  • ⚓️ #MemorialDay

    A photo posted by Brett Hundley Jr (@bretthundley17) on

    Brett Hundley


    One word to describe Brett Hundley is upside. He has the build and speed to be an elite QB one day in the NFL. While he may be a project on the next level, Hundley didn’t take for granted going to school in Los Angeles. His IG is full of pics of enjoying L.A. and the beaches.

    Image via @BrettHundley17

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  • Kevin White NFL Draft
    Kevin White


    Kevin White has the potential to be a really great wide receiver on the next level. He has a massive build comparable to some of the best receivers in the league and is going to wreck some DBs trying to lock him down. It is a close race between Cooper and White on the WR board, but to make clear both guys are going to be studs on the next level.

    White has the stuff marketing guys love–adidas made a great coup with White– hen it comes to physical capabilities on the field at 6-3 and 215 pounds, with a 4.35 40-yard dash at the combine.

    Image via @kwhite8

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  • A photo posted by Vic Beasley (@vicbeasley3) on

    Vic Beasley


    What makes Vic Beasley’s IG profile unique is that he is gifted on the piano. Yup, a 6-2, 235-pound linebacker might have the best musical talents sonically on a keyboard of any prospect in the draft. He is also not shy about flaunting some kicks on occasion. Beasley is Von Miller 2.0 and is going to be a impact player from day one.

    Image via @VicBeasley3

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  • A photo posted by DeVante Parker (@vante9) on

    DeVante Parker


    This year’s wide receiver class has just much as potential as last year’s, and that is saying a lot. Parker is an elite athlete and is going to be a tough cover on the next level because of his vertical leap. He is also not shy about his love for his adidas.

    Image via @Vante9

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  • A photo posted by Ameer Abdullah (@ameerguapo) on

    Ameer Abdullah


    Ameer Abdullah arguably has the best IG name with @AmeerGuapo. He probably won’t go before Gordon or Gurley, but he is no slouch either. He took over a lot of games at Nebraska and went off for some big runs.

    Image via @AmeerGuapo

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  • #3stripelife even in civilian clothes @adidasfballus

    A photo posted by Nelson Agholor (@nelsonagholor15) on

    Nelson Agholor


    One of the most talented receivers in the draft, the USC product has come a long way from humble beginnings. And now that he’s enjoys the riches of his stardom, dude is showing up for the ‘gram. Yep, he even has the Yeezys. Get jealous.

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Social media has been a gift and a curse for some athletes. With the NCAA on constant watch, players on the college level have to be smart about what they post on their social media profiles. As brands like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat dominate the social media age, some of the bigger name prospects in the NFL Draft have used the tools to increase a new fanbase. On the brink of becoming pros, these guys have the potential to be like their soon-to-be fellow colleagues on killing the ‘gram. This year’s NFL Draft class is not short on strong personalities both on the field or off it. From guys like Jameis Winston to Amari Cooper, this class has the potential to be really special.

Last year’s NFL Draft class was really elite in terms of style and play. The wide receivers, in particular, will go down in history as one of the best crop of wideouts to ever enter the league together. Odell Beckham Jr. became a fan favorite and Vine legend after making one of the most legendary catches you’ll ever see.

With a year now removed from that great class, it is time to pinpoint the next crop of football players who already make an impact on social media. We’re not necessarily guaranteeing immediate impact on the field — there are many factors that go into that. These are the guys that have embraced style and culture and are super charismatic, giving them a chance to make a name for themselves even if the statistics aren’t immediately head-turning. Here are 12 Studs From the NFL Draft That Are Already Stylish Trendsetters.

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